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The Marketing Team Workflow

Marketing teams have no higher priority than bringing an idea from inception to success. Here's how Samepage helps them get it done.


An idea sparks conversation

Team chat is the ideal place for quick thoughts, questions and feedback. For the marketing team, its the place were new ideas usually get their start.

Adam Jones 1:12 PM

What do you guys think about going with some St. Patty's Day themes for March?

Taylor Kyle 1:14 PM

Adam, nice! Maybe a few new labels for existing lines? What else can we do?

Danny Carey 1:15 PM

Sounds good! I created a new page for this campaign - March Campaign


Collaboration moves to a living page

The team takes their collaboration beyond chat to a page where every edit, upload, and comment are seen in real time.

March Campaign Label Text: You might suspect Saint Patrick himself brewed this one, and you'd be right.
Write new bottle and can label text
Feb 10, 10:00 AM
Design new label artwork
Feb 15, 5:00 PM
Home page text: In the spirit of tradition, we're wetting the shamrock with this year's Shamrock IPA.
image gallery
powerpoint file
Shamrock IPA Campaign Presentation.ppt
word file
Shamrock IPA Press Release.doc
excel file
Shamrock IPA Campaign Budget.xls

Danny Carey 1:15 PM

Hi team, let me know what you think of the banner and label artwork I've added to the page wink

Adam Jones 2:28 PM

Danny, love image #1. Nicely done. For the bottle label, can I get the character limit for the label text?

Taylor Kyle 3:20 PM

Adam - we can handle 200 characters (including spaces). Your text so far looks perfect.

Adam Jones 4:15 PM

Great smile I'll mark my task as complete. Go ahead and take it into design!

James Keenan 4:16 PM

Add and Share FilesShamrock IPA Press Release.doc

I think this is about done. Adam, can you please review?

No email. No fragmentation.

Email noise is reduced to zero. Files are found and updated in seconds. Tasks and other project assets are organized, easy to find, and right next to the team's conversation, all in a single app.


Team Task List and Calendar Become Essential

As projects grow and more pages are created, tasks and calendar events are rolled up into an increasingly convenient summary.

Marketing Team Task List
Write new bottle and can label text
page March campaign
Feb 10, 10:00 AM
Design new label artwork
page March campaign
Feb 15, 5:00 PM
Approve March campaign budget
page March campaign
Feb 15, 10:00 AM
Approve April campaign budget
page April campaign
Mar 15, 5:00 PM
Complete battlecard order
page April campaign
Mar 22, 11:00 AM
Finalize delivery logistics
page BeerFest 2017
Mar 24, 5:00 PM
Marketing Team Calendar

Marketing teams around the globe use Samepage

From managing new campaigns and tradeshow events to developing reporting dashboards and sharing creative content with clients, Samepage's marketing workflow helps teams get more done with less email, cost, and confusion.