The Perfect Alternative to Wiggio

Working in groups has never been easier.

Manage Meetings & More

Create an online agenda in seconds – add events to your group’s shared calendar, attach files, and assign tasks. Communicate with everyone in the group via chat or video call. And do it all in real time, directly from your computer or mobile device.

With Samepage, you have all the tools to share the latest updates and collaborate with your group in one place. Stop hopping between multiple apps. Get more done in less time.

Samepage documents
Cloud files

Share Files from Anywhere

We love file sharing, and we know you do too. Even if your files are already on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Egnyte, you can still share them on Samepage so you can surround them with tasks, conversations, and more.

Looking to share files directly on Samepage? No problem. Just drag them onto a page, or in a folder and presto, they’re online and ready to be updated by the group.

Collaborative Editing Online

Watch your groups get more done in real time. Whether you’re taking meeting notes or writing your next piece of brilliant copy, your group is able to see progress as it happens.

Collaborate in real time
File sharing

Mobile Group Collaboration

Samepage makes it simple to stay on top of group plans and projects wherever your day takes you. Get the free iOS and Android apps here, so you can stay connected & share updates on the go.

"Perfect solution for us"

"First -- the customer service. One-on-one personalized support with a dedicated support person, both before the sale and after. Karla was amazing -- personable and very knowledgeable . I really appreciated the 1-month test drive. Signing up was a breeze. We upload a lot of documents to the site and it was very much faster and easier than Wiggio. A snap! We're very happy with the solution."

Josseline Charas, NYC-Parents in Action