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What Is an Online Virtual Office?

A virtual office is an online place where your company works together. Many companies already introduced at least some form of remote working and home office.

Traditional offices are a great way to have a shared space where everyone can meet in person. Still, they can also be expensive to maintain. Your employees need to commute to work, and so you are limited by workers from within a particular area.

Having an online virtual office saves you money. It lets you employ anyone across the globe to further optimize your spending and attract the best talent. Your employees will also have more family time as they don’t need to commute to a particular location.

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Manage Departments as Easy as You Manage Folders

How to create a virtual online office? Imagine a real office where you already have some departments based on people’s expertise. You might have Marketing, Sales, Support, Engineering, and so on. Now think of all of these departments as folders.

In each folder, you have a discussion channel for targeted conversation. There are files as shared resources and documents as project pages. Shared calendars and task boards help you keep track of what needs to be done.

Virtual collaboration software improves your productivity

A virtual office app like Samepage not only mimics the real office in its structure. At the same time, it brings powerful online collaboration tools and combines it with project management software.

With Samepage, it’s easy to manage and delegate tasks and run projects big and small. Share files with drag and drop, chat about documents, and more. Samepage video calling helps you create virtual meeting rooms where you get together with your team.

Team collaboration

Samepage Documents

Run your virtual office with Samepage Documents. They bring people, content and conversation together. Some are useful for task management while others help you run your social intranet. All the documents are included in the free plan. Paid plans are offering robust privacy settings for your organization.

Page Document Icon


The Page is our feature-rich collaborative editor where you co-author text, post images, create surveys, or even make code snippets.

Task Board Document Icon

Task Board

Task Board is one of the core features of any free task management software. Create columns that best suit your process and then move tasks displayed as cards around.

Sheet Document Icon


Organize your data into sheets, make calculations, and present your findings to the whole team.

Mindmap Document Icon


Outline your strategies and break those big projects into smaller pieces visually with Mindmap.

Discussion Document Icon


Sometimes all you need is a place to discuss or maybe just to share a couple of jokes. This is where having a channel-like chatroom is excellent.

Calendar Document Icon


Mark important dates and milestones for the whole team to see. Invite colleagues to necessary meetings and set up auto-call to get everyone on the call when it's time.

Task Report Document Icon

Task Report

Filter tasks based on the due date, assignee, creator, and more. This way, you quickly overview larger projects or company departments.

File Document Icon


Upload your files to Samepage to get the advantage of document chat and agenda. Open MS Office right from Samepage, and they'll get updated when you finish editing.

Folder Icon


Folders help you bring order to the chaos of many documents. They also simplify sharing groups of documents. On top of that, you can adjust your notifications for individual folders.

What can you do with Samepage?

Stay on top of project management

Project Management

In virtual office space, you need to coordinate plans, co-author content, monitor progress, and deliver results faster than ever. Samepage Documents handle all your data.

Get Things Done

Task Management

Keep track of tasks, follow due dates, create reports, and delegate with the Samepage virtual office system. In Samepage, you can create a task almost everywhere, and no task is left behind.

Team collaboration

Social Intranet

Samepage virtual office platform is a user friendly environment for life-like human interaction. React with emojis not only on messages but also during video calling. Create private folders for hobbies and shared interests.

Chat management

Team Chat

Free chat with no history restrictions. Communication is one of the fundamental elements of Samepage, the best virtual office software for your team. Chat on individual documents, chat in channel-like discussions, and chat with individuals.

File sharing

File Sharing

It wouldn’t be a complete virtual office program without proper file sharing. Apart from sharing a file from your google drive, you can also upload files to Samepage and chat directly on them. Open MS Office files from the Samepage desktop app for direct editing.

Draw diagrams online

Draw Diagrams

Explaining more complex thoughts through virtual office applications can be challenging. In Samepage, you can outline your ideas or processes with diagrams, making it more straightforward for everyone to understand.

Video Call

Video Conferencing

Connect with your team in virtual video conference rooms to share updates, create plans, or just get together.

See Samepage Virtual Office in Action

Disclaimer: Samepage is not offering physical virtual office services like mail handling or telephone answering. There are plenty of services that offer virtual mailing addresses.