Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.


When it's this good, you're getting the job done faster and showing everyone your happy dance

Why are teams so much more productive on Samepage?

Because this all-in-one office suite shows projects and conversations moving forward side by side, in real time. Its versatility helps teams get work done without hopping between apps, sending revisions back and forth, or waiting for updates.

In other words, when a global team is simultaneously editing a document containing text, spreadsheets, presentations and more, all while chatting with each other like they're all in the same room - they're getting it done at least 65% faster.


Pages bring the team and the project together on a single screen. Edits are visible as they happen, all while the conversation continues via text, audio, or video.

Group Video ChatSamepage Video ChatFile Chat CommentFile Chat Reply
video call controls

What can you present with a page?

The possibilities are virtually endless, but here are a few good examples.

Rich text

A fully powered text editor with spell check, colors, sizing, links, etc.

Image galleries

Drag & drop from your desktop, tablet, or phone

Files (local or cloud)

Add files from your desktop, or from cloud services like Dropbox


Create a checklist on a page with tasks assigned to team members

Calendar events

Mark important dates with duration, attendees, location, & other details


Share numeric reports complete with formulas, formatting, & more


Easily embed interactive Google maps for better mobile coordination


Drop in videos from YouTube or Vimeo to keep the focus on point


Collect quantifiable feedback from the team to settle a discussion


Visually explain a process, org chart, or other structures


Embed content from other websites on a page to create dashboards

Team conversations

Group chat with the team via text, audio, or video alongside the page

How much will you save by getting all of your work done in one place?

Hopping from one app to another in search of a project asset might not seem like a big deal... until you see how much time it wastes over the course of a year.

Number of apps you use for project mgmt

Number of team members

Team's average hourly wage

Time Wasted Per Year

5,220 hours per year

Money Wasted Per Year

$130,500 per year

Money Saved By Switching To


$128,820 per year

How is the waste calculated?

An employee loses about 1 hour per day hopping between file sharing, video conferencing, group chat, task management, and email apps. Unfortunately, it usually goes unnoticed as about seven and a half minutes per hour.

These minutes evaporate in a variety of ways from distractions and diversions to difficulties finding content. The more apps used, the faster the waste adds up.

How does Samepage save the day?

Samepage brings all of your project management tools into a single real-time platform, so there's no time wasted hopping between apps, losing your train of thought, or missing an update.

Secure sharing options help you protect your content. More importantly, they help you reduce noise and distractions from other apps, departments, and spam so your team can stay focused on what's important.

Work from anywhere, on any platform

Take a couple minutes to see just how easy team collaboration can be. Whether your team is big, small, local, global, or spread across multiple organizations, this video will show you how Samepage helps you get more done through the web, desktop, or mobile apps.

Take Samepage with you wherever your day takes you. Connect your team with our apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows or simply hop on from any web browser.

Let Samepage be your new productivity HQ

Samepage has the abilitity to work in coordination with nearly a thousand popular apps to help you streamline your workflows. So even if you need to continue to use them, they can automatically create comments, tasks and pages in Samepage so you can stay focused on working with your team in one place.


"I'm at the airport heading home, having a couple beers. Had a great week in AZ. Everyone is loving Samepage!! I honestly can't imagine going back to the old way. My exec meetings with multiple locations worked flawlessly. Just thought I'd share the good vibes."

Mariah Gray

"It just works! Tried 30 plus different systems - it is the perfect balance of simplicity and power. The philosophy is profoundly elegant and intuitive."

Bryan Gibson

"We have a team across 6 locations in 4 countries and this is our only collaboration tool. It has replaced email and kills any of the other project management tools. We had used 6 other online tools before this one and they were all so clunky. Setting up a project in other tools is not intuitive, whereas Samepage takes less than a minute."

Steve Cranitch

"Anyway, Samepage is nice. Cool interface. Works very well. If you could make my irritating client a little less irritating though, that would be just super."


"I tried many collaboration apps for my team (i.e. Slack, HipChat, Ryver, Spaces, etc.) and none can come close to what Samepage can do. Samepage has amazing features, integration, user-friendliness, speedy support."

Ron Gomez

"First -- the customer service. One-on-one personalized support with a dedicated support person. Karla was amazing -- personable and very knowledgeable."

Josseline Charas

"Ultimately if you need a central 'hub' where you can share and communicate without jumping through hoops - Samepage is everything you need wrapped up in a very powerful package that makes my work life that much easier."

Kyle McGowan

"Our team has people from multiple countries. Samepage is the only collaboration tool we need. It's as if we are physically sitting next to each other."

Lan J.

"It's been a blessing to have this product in our organization. I'm really looking forward to see how Samepage can continue to help us work together!"

Kaiser Saleemi

"The ease of use and efficiency is what makes Samepage standout from other team collaborative tools."

Jay G.

"Samepage provides a very cohesive platform, and has promoted collaboration, transparency and a sense of team. Inviting customers as guests to participate is a real plus. It integrates seamlessly with all our cloud storage solutions and is super easy to use."

John Schubach

"I just decided to switch off one of the more popular platforms. So far my experience with Samepage has been great. Great customer service and I find it much easier to concentrate on each project since everything is literally on the SAME PAGE as your work."

Tony Blauer

"From the beginning to the end Samepage has won me over. It has made organizing projects and workflows manageable and real-time internal and external collaboration simple."

Melvern Cunningham-Atencio

"There's so much to be said about collaboration tools and the differences among them, but my absolute favorite thing about Samepage is how intuitive and familiar it feels right from the start."

Kyle McGowan

"I honestly don't know what to do without the Samepage platform. It is so fun to use too."

Tiffany Yang

"If you are at the end of your rope with your reliance on email, give Samepage a try. You won't be disappointed."

Gary Vaale

"We have long needed the functionality of a product like Samepage and since implementing it in both our head office and geographically distant companies, we have increased our efficiency and significantly reduced the amount of time spent emailing, calling, and sending files."

Tam Jansen

"Samepage is perfect for what we need. I love Samepage and I'd definitely recommend it."

Jenna Weiss

"Following the implementation of Samepage, a typical team member has seen internal email volume drop by 75%."

Gary Vaale

"I love everything about Samepage. My team loves it. It has increased our efficiency and organization level 10X. No joke."

Tiffany Yang