Team Chat Is Unlimited on the Samepage

Team Chat Software
Chat management

Team chat needs to be accessible to everyone. That's why Samepage brings you free chat with no history restrictions. Come to us for chatting and chat integrations and stay for collaboration and project management in our all-in-one platform.

Chat Like a Pro

All the expected chat features of a proper team chat app like 1:1, group chat, file attachments, and audio message are included. On top of that, you can create multiple channel-like conversation rooms that can be organized within a folder structure.

Page with images and chat

Chat in Context

You’re going to love Samepage Documents when you need to chat about something specific. They were built exactly for this purpose: to have content and conversation together.

Discuss specific parts of the Page Document with just a click, providing even more anchored conversation with your team members.

Samechat Threads

Chat conversation can become a mess. Clicking reply to automatically creates a Samechat thread that you can isolate and read apart from the other messages. Every message is annotated with related content making a team communication easy.

Direct messaging

Quick Chat Windows

Direct messages and group chats have small windows (that you can enlarge if you want). This allows you to get a resource from your coworker while you keep working on your document. At the same time, if someone needs your attention, you’re not forced to lose your context just so you can reply.

Exhausted from Typing? Start a Call.

Some things are just way more straightforward if you can talk live with the other person. That’s why Samepage has built-in voice and video calling. Talk with one or more people, jump into screen sharing or send emoji and gif reactions for extra fun.

Chatting or Communication is Only One Aspect of Collaboration

In a work environment, we’re usually chatting about some document or other content we’re working on. Bringing the conversation as close to the thing we’re talking about saves us valuable energy, which makes project management and task management much more straightforward.

Collaborate on Documents

Create a wide variety of content with Samepage Documents: Page, Task Board, Sheet, Mindmap, or Calendar. Upload files directly into the Page, or alongside other documents in your project folder.

Project folder
Folder Emojis

Organize Documents into Folders

It’s essential to keep everything organized. That’s why you can put Samepage Documents into folders that you can color code or change their icon to your favorite emoji.

Manage Who Sees What

Define access to individual documents and folders. Create secret projects within your organization or work transparently. Samepage is built with contractors and partners in mind – invite them only to individual documents or folders.

Assign folder roles
Page plugins

Feature Rich Page Document

Start with simple paragraphs and headings. Then include a table, upload a few images, and include files. Embed a social post, or map and then move into a code snippet or survey plugin. There is a plethora of possibilities.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Speed matters. With Samepage real-time editing, you don’t need to wait for your colleague to finalize the text. You’ll see the changes made by your teammates instantly, and they’ll see yours. It’s especially handy when remote brainstorming texts and blog posts.

Collaborate in real time
Track changes

Track changes

Need the other side to approve your changes to the Page Document? Jump into the track changes mode and suggest additions and edits to the existing content on a Page. Others can then add their suggestions and approve or decline the proposed changes.

Manage Tasks and Events

Samepage Documents come with built-in agendas for in-place task management — no need to navigate elsewhere to create a task that’s meant just for this piece of content. On top of that, there’s a separate Taskboard document for working with tasks, and Calendar document to plan events.

All the tasks and events you care about are then listed in the My Agenda view, so you never miss a deadline or a meeting.

Page agenda