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Task Management Software
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Full Stack of Task Management Tools

Samepage blends online task management tools with team communication and collaboration tools in a simple workspace. Delegate tasks, collaborate on projects, monitor progress, meet deadlines, and simply get things done. All in one app.


Create detailed tasks and assign them to fellow team members. Add participants, deadlines, recurrence, reminders, subtasks, and more. Forget pinging people for status updates. Simply look for visual indicators showing the percentage complete.

Task Management Delegate
Task Management Collaborate


Attach conversations to specific tasks. Share task lists alongside files, diagrams, videos, spreadsheets, and more. Watch coworkers edit documents and make progress in real time.


Track tasks and their progress on with overviews on individuals, teams, and projects. Or get a global overview of all tasks visible to you. Jump into conversations with the team about task progress, potential roadblocks, and completions.

Task Management Monitor
Task Management Get Things Done

Meet Deadlines

Keep the team aware of shifting due dates, upcoming milestones, and overdue assignments with project calendars and task reports.

Task Management in Context

The true power of task management in Samepage comes in the form of context. Samepage lets you surround your task lists with team conversations, files, diagrams, schedules, spreadsheets, and more. This means you’re not just managing task lists in Samepage. You’re managing entire projects without having to hop into multiple apps.

A Full Suite of Project Management Tools

Collaborative pages

Samepage pages

Create documentation, agendas, manage projects, and run meetings, all in real-time.

Samepage spreadsheets

Samepage spreadsheets

Create extensive spreadsheets with your coworkers in real-time and share them with others.

Samepage task boards

Samepage task board

Visually manage your project's progress with tasks on a kanban board.

Chat in context

Content chat

Chat ensures you'll never lose the topic of conversation, be it a document, task, file, or anything else.

Samepage mindmaps

Samepage mindmaps

Effectively sort your brainstorming sessions in visual diagrams.

Audio and Video calling

Video conferencing

Call with a single click, connect face-to-face, and share screens.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging

Hangout and communicate with your coworkers via direct messaging.

See tasks assigned to documents

Project tracking

Track your project's progress with visual indicators on tasks and task boards.

Samepage shared calendars

Shared calendars

Manage events, task deadlines, and other dates with personal and shared agendas.

Code snippet

Code snippets

Document and share your source code.

Share files on Samepage

File sharing & syncing

Share and sync files on Samepage or bring them in from Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive.

Review document history


Track changes on Samepage documents with a comprehensive history log.

Inbox for notifications


Get notified about new messages, upcoming deadlines, and incoming calls.

Samepage integrations


Stay on Samepage and embed content from Dropbox, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services.



Automate and integrate with over 1000+ popular third-party apps via Zapier or incoming webhooks.

Get Things Done

Create, Assign, & Share Tasks

Create a task with just a single click. Assign tasks to yourself, another person, or a group of people. Feel free to add descriptive details too.

Tasks List
Tasks Deadlines & Reminders

Set Deadlines and Reminders

Set up recurring tasks with reminder notifications for the relevant individuals for tasks that need attention on a regular basis.

Anticipate Deadlines

View task deadlines in context with other calendar events by month, week, and day. Open the task to make edits and report progress, or let it take you to the project page. There you can watch the progress being made by your team in real-time.

Task Deadlines in Calendar
Marketing Task Board

Visualize Progress

Samepage Tasks Boards (or Kanbans) are perfect for planning. Visualize your project’s progress with columns and feel the satisfaction when moving tasks to the completed column.

Share a Task's Current Status

Skip the part where you hassle your team for updates. Samepage allows assignees to show a task’s completion percentage with a single click. Bam, the entire team is in the loop.

Marketing Chat With Client
Task Reports

View Your Team's Success

Create and save customized task reports to get a clear view of tasks and their status across multiple teams and projects. Filter reports by progress status, due date, assignee, participant, creator, team, project, or hashtag.

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