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Task management app that will help you keep track of tasks, follow due dates, collaborate on documents, and chat in real-time.
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What is Task Management Software?

Task Management Software allows you to manage any number of tasks and to plan your projects properly. Have an overview of all assignments, their due dates, recurring tasks, and reminders.

On top of that, Samepage offers document collaboration and real-time conversations with built-in chat and video calling. A true all in one solution.

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Why Does Your Teem Need a Task Management Tool?

A tool like Samepage will help your large or small team focus on what needs to be done rather than remembering your task list. When you come into the office, you don’t want to start recalling what you need to do, you just check your assignments and start working.

Easily prioritize one task over another, add your teammate to help you, or give feedback and schedule your due dates. When managing a team, you can review reports based on projects, people, due dates, you name it.

Why is Team Task Management Software Better Than a Whiteboard or Sticky Notes?

You can’t replace the pencil, you say? Keep using sticky notes to remember the milk if you like. Samepage is not meant to replace habits you’re happy about. But when it comes to team collaboration, you need to find what works best for the whole team.

Transparency and accessibility are vital in a team environment. Move tasks on the kanban style task board like you would move sticky boards on your whiteboard – it’s that easy. Access your work on the go with desktop and mobile apps.

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Main Benefits of Project and Task Management Software

📈 Get Clear overview

It's easy to get lost in larger projects with many assignments. Task reports help you stay on top of projects of any size or to know what exactly is everyone working on.

🔝 Prioritize with Ease

Priorities change, that's normal. Just change a couple of due dates or adjust task importance, and you're good to go as everyone knows what needs to be done.

👀 Transparent Process

All changes are logged, and so you can watch tasks and documents evolve. It's important to know where you've been if you want to move forward.

💬 Have Content and Conversation Together

Jumping between applications takes valuable time and energy. Samepage makes sure you can put all the things you work on in a single location. Tasks, events, documents, and files.

🤝 Stay in touch

Chat on the task, event, file, you name it. Having a contextual chat is at the heart of Samepage. On top of that, you can video call with your teammates, send direct messages, or create group chats.

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Samepage is the ultimate collaboration and task management solution

No matter if you’re using the free version, you’re on a free trial, or if you’re using our pro version, your workflows are radically simplified. That’s because Samepage is true all in one tool that combines documents, conversations, task and project management, and video calling.

Is that information I need in Dropbox, Slack, Asana, or just in my email inbox?
Does it sound familiar? If yes, then it’s time to give Samepage a try.

Samepage Documents

Samepage Documents help you manage projects of all sizes. Each is different, but they all share the same goal. Bring content and conversation together. Some are focused just on tasks or events, one is just for chatting, but others have their own chat and document agenda for in-place project management. All the documents are included in the free plan. Paid plans are offering robust privacy settings for your organization.

Page Document Icon


The Page is our feature-rich collaborative editor where you co-author text, post images, create surveys, or even make code snippets.

Task Board Document Icon

Task Board

Task Board is one of the core features of any free task management software. Create columns that best suit your process and then move tasks displayed as cards around.

Sheet Document Icon


Organize your data into sheets, make calculations, and present your findings to the whole team.

Mindmap Document Icon


Outline your strategies and break those big projects into smaller pieces visually with Mindmap.

Discussion Document Icon


Sometimes all you need is a place to discuss or maybe just to share a couple of jokes. This is where having a channel-like chatroom is excellent.

Calendar Document Icon


Mark important dates and milestones for the whole team to see. Invite colleagues to necessary meetings and set up auto-call to get everyone on the call when it's time.

Task Report Document Icon

Task Report

Filter tasks based on the due date, assignee, creator, and more. This way, you quickly overview larger projects or company departments.

File Document Icon


Upload your files to Samepage to get the advantage of document chat and agenda. Open MS Office right from Samepage, and they'll get updated when you finish editing.

Folder Icon


Folders help you bring order to the chaos of many documents. They also simplify sharing groups of documents. On top of that, you can adjust your notifications for individual folders.

Marketing Task Board
Task Board Document Icon

Using Task Boards (Kanban boards)

On the Task Board, you move tasks displayed as cards between columns that may communicate the task progress (Todo – In Progress – Done), complexity (Easy – Medium – Hard), or really anything that suits your project the best.

The Samepage team uses Task Boards to manage weekly sprints, like many agile companies are doing these days. We use Todo, In Progress, and Done as our default columns. We are also tracking progress on individual tasks to indicate where exactly we are at any given time. Sometimes we color code the cards based on the assignee. When the week is over, we move unfinished tasks to the next sprint to keep everything tidy.

Task Report Document Icon

Using Task Reports

A larger project can consist of many task boards and many documents that have tasks assigned to them. To stay on top of all these assignments, you can create a Task Report. Set it to show tasks from an individual folder or even set of folders.

Task report is also handy for monitoring your teams’ load. In the report, you specify you want to see tasks that are due within a time-frame you’re interested in and define your team members as task assignees. You can group results by the due date, assignee, or other variables.

Task Report

Using Document Agenda

Page, Sheet, Mindmap, and File documents have built-in chat and agenda. The document agenda is perfect for tightly related tasks and events.

Page Document Icon

How We Use Tasks on Pages

Samepage team uses tasks in Page Agenda all the time. From tasks to review blog postings to testing a new feature. There the instructions and feedback are written on the page, and team members have tasks assigned to perform the test.

Sheet Document Icon

Attaching Task to Sheet

Assign tasks to make others review your data or to make sure they submit the information they have at hand. When the task is attached to the sheet, it gives a compelling context.

Mindmap Document Icon

Mindmap Works With Tasks

When reviewing a Mindmap, you might have suggestions on changes, but you don't want to mess with others' work. Just create tasks for these changes, right in the Mindmap Agenda.

File Document Icon

File With Attached Tasks

Let's say you're working with your team on a sophisticated Word File. When you upload it to Samepage, you see the file preview. You can open it right from the Samepage desktop app and add to-dos right to the file, so the task never loses context.

Stay on top of project management

My Agenda

All that collaboration is excellent, but you also need a place to overview things assigned to you. That place is My Agenda. All your tasks are in a single location, and you can also display them in the calendar alongside your events.

This is also where all your reminders are summarized, so you never miss a meeting or task deadline. Are things not going according to the plan? Just snooze the reminder to a later time.