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Samepage blends real-time document collaboration with internal communication, file sharing, and task management tools. Everything your team needs to create an intuitive social intranet.

Connect - Manage - Communicate - Secure

Connect with Ease

Make Samepage your new digital workplace. Connect your teammates in one central location. Share relevant news, schedule events, manage projects, co-author Samepage documents. In real-time.

Project folder
Folder Emojis

Manage Projects Efficiently

Organize your projects in folders and assign work. Folders make navigation natural and keep documents, conversations, and files organized. When you’re not switching context, it can increase your productivity.

Communicate without Constraints

Communicate and build relationships with individuals and groups in whatever style feels right: chat, voice, or video. Samepage gives you the tools to notify your team about any issue, piece of content, or major update immediately.

Inbox for notifications
Share documents

Secure your Content

Secure private content from being seen by others with powerful folder access rights. Share folders and documents with coworkers, customers, or external contractors to get work done on the Samepage.

A Full Suite of Collaborative Intranet Tools

All the tools you need are blended into one suite to make knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration easy on any device. Let people work and get more done in a single app. Avoid email noise, complicated software, and stacks of isolated apps.

Assign folder roles

Folder roles

Manage access rights to folders so secret projects remain hidden while general information is available to all organization members.

Collaborative pages

Samepage pages

Create documentation, agendas, manage projects, and run meetings, all in real-time.

Samepage task boards

Samepage task board

Visually manage your project's progress with tasks on a kanban board.

Samepage spreadsheets

Samepage spreadsheets

Create extensive spreadsheets with your coworkers in real-time and share them with others.

Samepage mindmaps

Samepage mindmaps

Effectively sort your brainstorming sessions in a visual diagram.

Chat in context

Content chat

Chat ensures you'll never lose the topic of conversation, be it a document, task, file, or anything else.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging

Hangout and communicate with your coworkers via direct messaging.

Audio and Video calling

Video conferencing

Call with a single click, connect on video call, and share screens.

Samepage tasks


Assign tasks to individuals or groups, including deadlines, priority, and recurrence.

See tasks assigned to documents

Project tracking

Track your project's progress with visual indicators on tasks and task boards.

Code snippet

Code snippets

Document and share your source code.

Samepage shared calendars

Shared calendars

Manage events, task deadlines, and other dates with personal and shared agendas.

Share files on Samepage

File sharing & syncing

Share and sync files on Samepage or bring them in from Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive.

Inbox for notifications


Get notified about new messages, upcoming deadlines, and incoming calls.

Review document history


Track changes on Samepage documents with a comprehensive history log.

Track changes

Track changes

Track changes make co-editing documents effective. Easily approve, reject, or revert.

Samepage integrations


Stay on Samepage. Embed content from Dropbox, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services.



Automate and integrate with over 1000+ popular third-party apps via Zapier or incoming webhooks.

An Intranet that Brings your Team Together.

Get your team literally on the same page. Save time you spend on sending emails, managing projects, making phone calls, and organizing video conferences. Unlike in traditional intranet, Samepage documents allow multiple contributors to add text, spreadsheets, tasks, events, images, videos, diagrams, and files simultaneously. Everyone see changes as they happen, and they can be tracked, approved, or reverted.

Control Privacy

Collaborate internally with your employees or work with external guests such as contractors, clients, etc. thanks to intuitive sharing options. Publish Page Documents online with a single click, it’s easy to share content with the entire world.

Assign folder roles
Folder full of bug reports

Organize People and Content in Folders

A familiar folder structure helps you to organize people and content. You’ll always find what you’re looking for. Samepage documents allow you to create rich pages, spreadsheets, task boards, and mindmaps. Project tracking, taking meeting notes, sharing files, and holding conversations was never as easy as with Samepage.

Project Collaboration

Share and update project content with others in real-time from any device. Samepage makes it easy to share a wide variety of elements on the same screen. Include images, videos, spreadsheets, tasks, events, and files. Get instant notifications on progress updates, upcoming deadlines, and coworker comments.

Organize remote meetings
Audio and Video calling

Real-time Communication

Call individuals or groups with a single click. Chat via document chats and direct messages.

Progress Tracking

Watch content and conversations evolve on a page. See everyone’s keystrokes, clicks, and taps are shown in real-time and tracked in history. Samepage handles files, diagrams, spreadsheets, rich text, code snippets, and much more. So that you can track time, communications, and co-authored content all in one place.

Collaborate in real time