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Samepage is built by a distributed team for distributed teams. We often work remotely, so we know what it takes to stay productive and we've built Samepage using that knowledge. 2020 has taught us that working from home with a high level of collaboration is a viable option, but only with the right tool.

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Manage Remote Projects

Organize your projects in a familiar folder structure. Add all the members of your team involved and discuss project details on individual documents with built-in document chats.

Organize remote meetings

Organize Remote Meetings

Gather around a Samepage document and start an audio or video call. Everyone sees the same content and the notes you take thanks to our real-time collaboration. Assign tasks right in the document so you don’t need to send out a meeting summary.

Collaborate from Home

When working in Samepage, you see changes made by others instantly. It’s like sitting next to each other. You also get notifications of messages, tasks, and events.

Collaborate in real time
Monitor projects with inbox

Communicate the Way You Want

Content and conversations need to be together. That’s why Samepage features chats for any document type (pages, sheets, task boards, mind maps, files…). You can also chat privately with your co-worker and participate in group video calls. Samepage covers all the means of communication you need to work remotely.

How Samepage Helps Remote Teams Get Work Done

Share Your Thoughts with Samepage Documents

Real-time remote collaboration is a critical aspect of teams working together remotely. Samepage documents show changes made by others instantly.

Page plugins


Phenomenal for sharing rich content: Write your text, add files, upload images, draw diagrams, embed videos, and much more.

Samepage task boards

Task boards

Organize your project tasks on the kanban-style task board. Move tasks between columns so everyone is up to speed.

Samepage spreadsheets


Present big data and share your calculations and reports.

Samepage mindmaps


Organize your thoughts with Mind maps, which are perfect for running remote brainstorming sessions.

Channel-like discussions


Sometimes you just need to have a conversation. Channel-like discussions are for just that.

Samepage shared calendars


Shared calendars are perfect for time management. Keep everyone informed about important milestones or the team's PTO plans.

Files alongside documents


Upload files alongside Samepage documents and take advantage of built-in document features like chats and agendas.

Remote Conversations Never Lose Context

Each Samepage document is equipped with document chat where you can have a meaningful conversation while looking at the document you’re working on.

This is a real game-changer for everyone who hates to switch back and forth between a document and a chat app because context switching is expensive!

Collaborate on projects
Collaborate with your team

Manage Project Tasks with Document Agenda

Standalone Taskboard and Calendar documents are ways to manage your team duties, but a more flexible way is to use the document agenda feature to create tasks and events in the context of a document.

Got a sheet that needs updating? Does a pdf need a revision? Assign tasks within those documents.

A True All-In-One solution

Samepage serves many teams around the globe as their primary means of communication. No need for internal emails anymore.

Some teams use it for project management and product development, while others use it as an intranet to share internal documents and corporate updates. Samepage’s intrinsic flexibility enables a myriad of uses.

All-in-one solution

3 Benefits of Remote Work

Remote is the Future of Collaboration

People are less likely to move to a different city or even state for job opportunities these days. It’s also very limiting for the company to only pick from local resources.

If the company is willing to work with remote workers and digital nomads, it can pick from the best regardless of where they live, which can also potentially save salary costs.

“48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19 versus 30% before the pandemic” According to Gartner.

Stay on top of project management

Working from Home Means a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Leaving your car parked in the garage is definitely good for the planet. Not only do you save time and gas money, but fewer cars on the streets also mean less traffic and smoother public transport.

Companies can have smaller offices and consume less power, saving maintenance costs as well. However, working from home requires some discipline. Here are our 7 tips on how to survive the home office.

What the Global Pandemic Taught Us About Collaboration

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic forced many into isolation. Even though it was the first work-at-home experience for many, it proved itself effective. There was even a massive rise in remote education.

Remote collaboration is no longer an experiment for a few brave companies. With the right tool, a company can really thrive thanks to remote working.