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For HR professionals, collaboration is the name of the game. You’re at the center of it all, collaborating with employees, management, payroll management companies, benefits coordinators, and compliance consultants. With Samepage, you can easily administer an employee resource center, host and update important documents, share important updates with employees, even create a hub to manage your employee review process on one or more customizable, highly functional pages.

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See how Samepage can help you do more with less email. Samepage has helped HR professionals create self service collaborative employee resource centers, ease the pain of employee on-boarding, and even streamline our employee evaluation process. Let your partners update and maintain the latest forms and documents while you focus on the important things. With Samepage on board, the days of "Oops, let me email you this year's forms" are over.

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Staying on track and up to speed is all about access. Our free Samepage mobile app brings the same robust capabilities from your desktop or laptop, to your tablet or smartphone. So go – and never worry. We’ll be there, too.

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We all know it can be tough keeping up with all of the changes in employment law and compliance. Chances are, if you're a small business you don't have a dedicated person to keep track of all of the paperwork! With Samepage, the days of hunting for forms, filing, and sending emails back and forth are over. See how Samepage can help you create an employee resource center and put an end to email attachments.

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As an HR professional, you're concerned about privacy. Samepage Pro's Permission Manager makes it easy to manage access. You choose who has access to every page - set up private pages, set edit permissions, and get a full activity log on each page. See how we use Samepage' HR project management software to streamline the new hire paperwork process and set up our employees for success on the blog.

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