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The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.

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Samepage Pro combines the free collaboration features you love with extra administrative and work management software tools. They'll come in handy as your organization's use of Samepage grows.

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Group Video Chatting

Unlimited pages everything

When your team can create an unlimited number of pages, tasks, chat messages and shared files, there's no telling how many ugly email strings you'll avoid. Safe to say it'll be worth it though.

More Pages

Nothing beats real-time collaboration on pages. Go ahead and create as many pages as you like.

More Storage

Expand your storage capacity a full terabyte. If you need more, just let us know and we'll hook you up.

More Control

Take control of who can invite others to your organization, along with other user and content controls.

Who Loves Samepage Pro?

Among others, these legendary Samepage customers have gone Pro and never looked back.

Western Carolina University
Entrepreneurs Organization

What else can you do with Pro?

Group Video Calling

Get your distributed team on a video call without leaving the Samepage app. Let them hold an unlimited number of separate video calls at the same time.


Connect Slack and hundreds more apps to Samepage to consolidate your workflows.

Multi-team Guests

Allow guests to be a member of more than one team

Private Teams

Create a secret team only you and the team members you invite can see.

Team Archiving

Archive a team for safe keeping. You can still search and access content in an archived team.

File Version History

Track every saved file revision and see exactly who made changes to the file.

Page Locking

Lock a page to prevent edits to files or content on the page.

Page History

View a complete history of page edits and see exactly who made them.

User Manager Role

Manage users in your organization. Invite or remove members, enable or disable member login, and more.

Content Manager Mode

This powerful feature enables Admins to enter Content Manager mode to access pages across the organization.

SSO Integration

We integrate with your existing SSO solution to make accessing Samepage quick and easy.

Customer Success Coach

Our coaches will show you the latest tips and tricks to help you make the most out of Samepage.

Samepage Pro costs $7 per member per month

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