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Online Project Management
Stay on top of project management

Samepage blends online project management tools with team communication and collaboration tools in a single workspace. Coordinate plans, co-author content, monitor progress and deliver results faster. You accomplish that with group chat, video calls, shared files, tasks, calendars, and real-time document collaboration.

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What is Project Management?

Project management is a process of ensuring the project gets done in regards to its scope, deadlines, budget, and other factors specified in the project documentation.

Example: Our project management works well. We’re meeting our deadlines, we have a clear overview of what is ahead of us, and we know what steps to take.

What is a Project?

Project is an activity constrained usually by time, budget, or other resources that aims to create a specific outcome.

Example: Optimize the website by the end of the year to bring in an extra 20% of traffic.

Coordinate - Collaborate - Monitor - Deliver

Coordinate projects with various document types

Coordinate with Ease

Use Samepage as your online HQ for organizing project assets and communications. Create pages to plan out objectives, processes, schedules, and deadlines. Link to other pages with more detailed project content.

Collaborate in real time

Collaborate in Real-Time

Update project content on pages, sheets, task boards, and mindmaps with other team members in real-time. Share questions, feedback, and progress with the team by commenting on content from any device.

Monitor projects with inbox

Monitor What's in the Works

Track multiple projects and watch them progress in real-time. Approve or revert changes and get task status notifications. Integrate with third-party apps and inboxes to keep project content organized and flowing in a single workspace.

Share documents

Deliver on Time

Share documents with clients, vendors, contractors, or the entire world. Robust sharing options and permission levels make it easy to deliver without hopping between different apps or hunting through a cluttered inbox.

Remote working and work from home gets easier on the same page

Do you struggle with remote and distributed teams? If you do it is generally because content, conversations and workflow are scattered among a stack of siloed applications. Context is lost and your whole team wastes time finding the relevant information, not getting work done. Remote work on Samepage is a completely different and better experience.


A Full Suite of Project Management Tools

For projects big and small, transparency is the key. Whether your team relies on constant communication, visual progress indicators, or real-time notifications, we’ve got the needs of your project management style covered.

Assign folder roles

Folder roles

Manage access rights to folders so secret projects remain hidden while general information is available to all organization members.

Collaborative pages

Samepage pages

Create documentation, agendas, manage projects, and run meetings, all in real-time.

Samepage task boards

Samepage task board

Visually manage your project's progress with tasks on a kanban board.

Samepage spreadsheets

Samepage spreadsheets

Create extensive spreadsheets with your coworkers in real-time and share them with others.

Samepage mindmaps

Samepage mindmaps

Effectively sort your brainstorming sessions in a visual diagram.

Chat in context

Content chat

Chat ensures you'll never lose the topic of conversation, be it a document, task, file, or anything else.

Direct messaging

Direct messaging

Hangout and communicate with your coworkers via direct messaging.

Audio and Video calling

Video conferencing

Call with a single click, connect with your team, and share screens.

Samepage tasks


Assign tasks to individuals or groups, including deadlines, priority, and recurrence.

See tasks assigned to documents

Project tracking

Track your project's progress with visual indicators on tasks and task boards.

Code snippet

Code snippets

Document and share your source code.

Samepage shared calendars

Shared calendars

Manage events, task deadlines, and other dates with personal and shared agendas.

Share files on Samepage

File sharing & syncing

Share and sync files on Samepage or bring them in from Box, Dropbox, Onedrive, or Google Drive.

Inbox for notifications


Get notified about new messages, upcoming deadlines, and incoming calls.

Review document history


Track changes on Samepage documents with a comprehensive history log.

Track changes

Track changes

Track changes make co-editing documents effective. Easily approve, reject, or revert.

Samepage integrations


Stay on Samepage. Embed content from Dropbox, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, and other services.



Automate and integrate with over 1000+ popular third-party apps via Zapier or incoming webhooks.

Pages: the Ultimate Project Management Tool

Most project management apps come with a steep learning curve with feature overkill. You’ll avoid this with pages. Pages allows you to easily collaborate and track changes on a wide variety of content.

Share text, images, videos, diagrams, spreadsheets, surveys, and files in real-time. With text, voice, and video chat blended in, pages deliver transparency to the whole team. They help you keep projects on track in one place.

Plan your projects

Project Planning

Pages are the perfect place to plan your next project. Write down project requirements,  share files, take meeting notes, and convert conversations into actionable tasks.

Project managers can set milestones, define what needs to be done, and assign standard or recurring tasks with subtasks, participants, and reminder notifications. Nobody misses a beat throughout the project life cycle. No details fall through the cracks with Samepage.

Collaborate on projects

Project Collaboration

Share and update project content with others in real-time from any device. Samepage makes it easy to share a wide variety of content on the same screen, including images, videos, tasks, and files.

Call individuals or groups with a single click. Chat with people with access to the same folder or about specific content in Samepages. Get instant notifications about progress updates, upcoming deadlines, coworker comments, invitations, and more.

Track project progress

Progress Tracking

Create real-time progress reports to maintain oversight across each project and task list you're involved with.

Or dive down into the details. Watch content and conversations evolve on a page in unison. Everyone's keystrokes are shown to all in real time and tracked in the history.

Why Go All-in-one with Samepage?

Track project progress

Less Analysis Paralysis

Performance charts and graphs are useful. But according to Gartner, most project managers would much rather have task management and collaboration tools built into their project management system.

Unfortunately, project management software often fails to deliver these tools effectively causing 95% of project managers to hop between multiple apps. That's costly and unproductive.

Collaborate with your team

More Collaboration

Samepage can report progress on projects, but PMs can also quickly dive into the details and history of any project asset. Tasks, files, schedules, co-authored documents, conversations, and other project assets can all be organized and linked together within Samepage.

That makes actual tasks just a click away from high-level reports, meaning less time managing software and more time managing projects.

Manage projects efficiently

Better Project Management

Tools like Microsoft Project are built for complex projects. Still, they have a hard time offering a simple way to manage smaller and more routine projects. Samepage scales and supports a myriad of project sizes. Its key strength is in promoting team communication and progress visibility.

Complex and rigid project structures are replaced by lightning-fast updates, templates, and robust user management and access controls. Switching between apps is replaced by a single space designed to make project portfolio management efficient. This way, you can manage resources like a pro.