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With collaborative project management tools including task delegation, team chat, file sharing, video conferencing, real-time document collaboration, and more, Samepage is helping teams of all sizes manage projects and get more done in a single easy-to-use online workspace.

Project Coordination


Invite your co-workers to a team in Samepage and use it as your online HQ for organizing project assets and communications. Create a master page to plan out objectives, processes, deliverables, schedules and deadlines. Then link to other pages with more detailed project content.


Update project content on living pages alongside other team members in real time. Share questions, feedback, and progress with the team by commenting on content from any device.

Project Managment Collaboration
Project Monitoring


Track multiple projects and watch them move forward in real time. Approve or revert changes, get task status notifications, and integrate with 3rd-party apps and inboxes to keep project content organized and flowing in a single workspace.


Share documents with clients, vendors, contractors, or the entire world. Robust sharing options and permission levels make it easy, all without hopping between a bunch of different apps or hunting through your cluttered inbox.

Project Managment Delivery


Winner of the Best Project Management Software Award from Capterra

"I highly recommend Samepage! It is easy to navigate and has multiple features that are useful in organizing my webinar handouts/presentations."

Winner of the Best Value Award from Capterra

"Our team could not live without it. I wish I would have found this sooner. It has been extremely valuable in sharing information in one place with our team."

Winner of the Best Support Award from Capterra

"The customer support is over the top amazing. Really friendly and supportive staff. My team and I love everything about Samepage. It has increases our efficiency and organization level 10x."


Most project management services assume your project is just like everyone else's - start date, end date, gantt charts, task dependencies, etc. Making your project fit their mold can introduce a steep learning curve or feature overkill. You'll avoid both of these costly pitfalls with this project management app.

Samepage is easy to use, powerful, and most importantly, flexible. Its cloud-based project management and collaboration tools are there when you need them, but they're never in the way, so you can shape Samepage to fit your team's unique workflow and communication style.

Group Video ChatSamepage Video ChatFile Chat CommentFile Chat Reply
video call controls


See how Samepage goes beyond typical task management and group chat to give your project managers the tools they need to hit milestones and meet deadlines on time with ease.

Our quick video covers everything from getting started to built-in calendars, tasks, files, video conferencing, chat, and integrations with popular 3rd-party apps. Enjoy!


Pages are the perfect place to plan your next project, share files, take meeting notes, and convert conversations into actionable tasks. Project managers can set milestones, define deliverables, and assign standard or recurring tasks with subtasks, participants, and reminder notifications. Nobody misses a beat. No details fall through the cracks.

For microprojects and more freestyle project management, each team is also equipped with a group chat space, but no matter the size of the project, the team's shared calendar keeps the plan in plain sight.

Plan Project Meetings
Share Project Calendars
Chat About Project Details and Progress
Mobile Project Collaboration


Keep project resources and notifications organized within teams so you can easily review progress on your more important projects first.

Work side-by-side in real time with co-workers, contractors, and clients on pages built to handle everything from text and tasks to files, videos, and diagrams.

Chat with your team via text or video on pages and group chats or in a more private one-on-one setting. Save messages for later or quickly react with emojis.


If you like the thirty-thousand-foot view, keep the 'percentage complete' indicators on your team task lists in view.

Or dive down into the details. Watch content and conversations evolve on a page in unison, where everyone's keystrokes, clicks, and taps are shown in real time & tracked in history.

Plus, Samepage handles synchronized files, diagrams, spreadsheets, rich text, syntax-highlighted code, and more, so you can track time, communications, and co-authored content all in one place.

Task Lists
Track Time and Change History
Project File Synchronization


Why teams are beginning to prefer more agile software over the Microsoft Project beast


Performance charts and graphs are nice, but according to Gartner, most project managers would much rather have task management and collaboration tools built into their project management system. This causes more than 95% of project managers to hop between multiple project management tools. That's costly and unproductive.

Samepage can report progress on projects, but PMs can also dive into the details & history of any project asset easily. Tasks, files, schedules, co-authored documents, conversations, and other project assets can all be organized and linked together within Samepage, making actual deliverables just a click away from high-level reports. That's less time managing software, more time managing projects.


Tools like Microsoft Project are built for complex projects and have a hard time offering a simple way to manage smaller and more routine projects. Samepage is built to scale and support many project sizes. Its strengths in promoting team communication and progress visibility are the key. Complex and rigid project structures are replaced by lightning-speed updates, customizable templates, and robust user management & access controls. Hopping between apps is replaced by a single space designed to make project portfolio management efficient so you can manage resources like a genius.

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