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Online Collaboration Tools
Design team management

Samepage brings you a complete set of collaboration tools all in one place. You'll spend less time hopping between multiple apps and more time seeing coworkers updating pages, assigning tasks, sharing files, posting comments, and chatting via video conference on the same page.

What Are the Collaboration Tools We Need

We need a proper communication tool to have a more natural conversation than what is possible through email. We need project management tools so we can plan tasks and releases and organize meetings.

We also need collaboration features for effective teamwork to share notes and work together on files and documents. Last but not least, we need it to be a cloud-based solution so we can work remotely.

Collaborate with your team

People, Content, and Conversation as it is meant to be - together.

Manage People and their Access

The basic unit in Samepage is an organization. It’s where you invite your teammates and where you create any content. The following features make managing the organization simple.


Manages billing, organization settings, and people who have access to the organization.

User Manager

Admins' best friend that takes care of user management in larger organizations.


Our basic pricing unit - really a member of an organization that can access organization folders and documents if they were not restricted in any way.


Almost like a member but not quite. You need to add guests to individual folders and documents, and it does not feature all sharing roles like a member. Great for customers, partners, or external collaborators.

Folder Sharing

Share individual folders the way you need it. Although some folder sharing capabilities are available in Free, you'll need the paid version to make private folders or assign specific folder roles like Manager, Full Editor, Writer and Reader

Document Sharing

No need to share the whole folder if you need input on just one document. Simply share the document itself.


Members with Admin or User Manager roles can restrict other members from doing certain things. This comes really handy in larger organizations with complex internal policies.

Create and Collaborate on Content

We work with different document types throughout the day. Sometimes we need to work on a longer text, sometimes we wish to make it a bit richet. Then we move onto extensive tables, go through a brainstorming and then we plan out our tasks and meetings. Samepage is ready for all of that. Find all of Samepage documents in the free version.

Page plugins


20+ plugins and various formatting options let you tell right what you need. Project outline, meeting notes, project specs, really anything.

Samepage spreadsheets


Present your data in table format. List of contacts, financial results, analytics reports. Take a step further with table functions.

Samepage task boards

Task Board

The Kanban-style task board is perfect for planning sprints or personal todos. Switch to list view if you prefer a more traditional list of tasks.

Task Report

Task Report

Pull-in tasks from various places to overview the state of the whole project and what is in the pipeline.

Samepage mindmaps


Make your brainstorming easier with Mindmap. Perfect for outlining high-level hierarchy, org charts, or sitemaps.

Channel-like discussions


Channel-like chat room you can place in any folder. Chat about anything with anyone or integrate using Zapier and Webhooks

Samepage shared calendars


Shared calendar for your teams' events. Plan marketing activities, product releases or just a have a common place for your PTOs

Files alongside documents


Upload a file into a folder to get the benefits of the document chat and agenda over any content. Directly open regular MS Office files, and they'll get synced upon closing.

Contextual Conversations and Other Communication Features

Any group of people needs a meaningful way to communicate. After all, communication and collaboration belong together. Many companies pick some group chat app and just add it to their stack of apps they already use and pay for. That can have direct and indirect costs. Samepage takes what is best at instant messaging and takes it to the next level.

Direct Messages

Chat with any member or guest of your organization. Small chat windows allow you to quickly reply without the need to abandon what you are working on.

Group Chat

Create ad-hoc groups for dealing with unexpected situations, office-like chatter, or just to agree where you're going for lunch.

Document Chat

Samepage Documents have a built-in chat, so you're able to discuss things in the context of your document. That's a real game-changer in how many people work.

Chat Threads

Reply to the message or discuss a particular item on a Page Document. This creates a thread that you can filter down to focus on the conversation.


Inbox is your go-to place for all notifications about unread messages. Switch to see unread only if you prefer inbox zero.

Voice / Video Calls

Work from anywhere and stay in touch. Call with your teammates, run daily scrums or weekly sync-ups. It's up to you.


Just like you used to. Mention people, documents, and folders to alert other people or offer a link to the right place.

Tasks, Shared Calendars, and Files - undeniable parts of Project Management

Master Task Management

Manage tasks the way you want and create them where you need them. Work with Task Boards or tasks in the document agenda.

My Agenda

Any task from any place within your organization assigned to you is listed on your agenda, so you always know what you need to do.

Document Agenda

Page, Sheet, Mindmap, and files you upload to Samepage folders have their own agenda. It's a perfect place for related tasks. This way the task gets the context it needs

Task Board Document

Manage complex projects with kanban style Task Board. Create multiple columns and drag and drop your tasks to reflect the project progress.

Task Reports

Create and save custom task list reports based on the due date, assignee, project, team, tag, and more.

Assignee and Participants

Create a task, add details, set a due date, and reminder time. Assign the task to yourself or to others.

Recurring Tasks

Set a single task to repeat as often as you need.

Lite Sub-Tasks

Write "[] whatever needs to be done" hit enter, and you just created a simple checklist-like sub-task.

Task Progress Tracker

Visualize task progress at a glance with Samepage's nifty task tracker.

Work with Shared Calendars

Event planning for you and your team members. Share deadlines, meetings, PTOs, and much more. No matter if you’re using our web, desktop, or mobile app.

My Agenda

See all events you participate at a glance from My Agenda view. Optionally you can show/hide tasks in the calendar view.

Document Agenda

Page, Sheet, Mindmap, and files you upload to Samepage folders have their own agenda. It's the right spot for quickly creating an event for a followup meeting.

Calendar Document

Create a calendar in any folder to give it the right context. You can have Marketing Campaigns, Product Releases, Social Posting, or just PTOs calendar. It's up to you.


Add deadlines, meetings, and other important events to a page, team calendar, or personal calendar.

Event Auto-call

Enable auto-call for an event. At the time of the event, Samepage call is created for all the participants, and everyone will get the incoming call. Meetings simplified.

Recurring Events

Perfect for weekly meetings or other routine calendar events.

Share and Edit Files

Organize, edit, and share files with your team online. Chat about files and create related tasks and events to make sure everyone is on the same page.

File Document

Upload a file directly to the Samepage folder to make it a file document. You'll get a preview for the most common file types and the advantage of document chat and document agenda.

Direct File Editing

No need to download, save, and upload. Open standard MS Office files right from Samepage, and when you're done editing Samepage will auto-upload the new version.

File Document History

Track every saved file revision and see who exactly made changes to the file.

Cloud File Integration

Centralize files without migrating them. Add files from Egnyte, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox to the Page document.

Work with Samepage the way you want


Adjust the notification level the way you want and triage your “red dots” easily with inbox. Nothing will stop you then.


All your notifications and reminders in one place. Quickly mark items that don't need your attention as read. Show unread only if you're an inbox-zero person.

Folder and Document Notifications

Adjust notifications for individual folders and documents to keep essential items in sight and mute the unnecessary chatter.

Mobile Ringing

Get notified on your phone when someone is trying to connect with you via voice or video call.

Desktop and Mobile Notifications

Get real-time updates from your team on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

@Person Mentions

Mention a person by name to draw their attention to red-dot notifications with an "@" symbol instead of a number.

Task & Event Reminders

Get notified through red dots and push notifications about upcoming deadlines, meetings, and events.

Email Summary

Opt to receive email summaries of messages you missed.

Out of Office Indicator

A visual indicator is letting others know that while you may be online, you're on the road making' big moves.

Multi-language support

Working with a global team? With multi-language support, it’s convenient to co-author documents, assign tasks, and manage projects across borders.

🇺🇸 English

🇨🇿 Czech (Čeština)

🇨🇳 Chinese - simplified (中文)

🇩🇪 German (Deutsch)

🇫🇷 French (Français)

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🇪🇸 Spanish (Español)

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Collaborate from anywhere at supersonic speeds with our native desktop and mobile apps.

Web Browser

Access all of your content and connect with your coworkers from any browser.

Mac OS

Boost team productivity with the Samepage Desktop App for Mac.


Get more done on the Samepage Desktop App for Windows.


Connect with the team & get more done from your iPhone or iPad.


Keep projects moving forward from your Android device.