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Samepage Smacks Down Slack, Dropbox, and Asana

October 04, 2016

Fully Integrated Communication and Collaboration App Ends Information Silos and Context-Switching

San Jose, CA, October 4th, 2016 – Today, Silicon Valley based start-up, Samepage Labs Inc. goes toe-to-toe with three of tech’s biggest names in collaboration with their revolutionary team collaboration platform, Samepage. The modern workforce – characterized by remote workers, distributed teams and variable work hours – relies on numerous collaboration tools, resulting in fragmented work and non-stop interruptions. With Samepage, all the tools teams need to get work done are unified in a single application. Learn more at

"Samepage pooled all the best features from a bunch of products into one tool. It's a combination of Slack, plus a whole bunch more."

Michael Smith, Senior Interaction Director, Entrepreneurs' Organization and Samepage customer.

Today’s workflows have become complicated with conversations, files, and tasks spread across dozens of applications. The cost of context-switching and the distracting demands of platforms such as Slack manifest in “Collaboration Overload” and #slacklash – terms coined to express why workers are busier than ever, yet are less productive.

Apps like Slack, Dropbox, and Asana each only address a piece of the collaboration puzzle. Slack is great at messaging but falls down with capturing and tracking the corresponding work. Dropbox Paper is collaborative, but lacks meaningful conversation and workflow tools. Asana excels at projects and tasks, but misses content creation tools. Users are forced to use multiple disconnected tools requiring the user to “bridge” the contextual gaps in their head, leading to fatigue and reduced output.

Too many “team collaboration” solutions focus only on one element of collaboration instead of providing holistic solutions. It’s time to stop thinking about collaboration as separate apps, and give teams fewer, more complete, tools. Samepage puts teams front and center with all the tools teams need in a unified work environment. With Samepage your conversations, tasks, and documents are in one place so it’s easy to focus on the work and get more done.

About Samepage

Samepage grew from our founding company’s need to work better between and within offices worldwide. Samepage brings all of the tools teams need to communicate, share documents, and manage work into one place. So no matter whether a team shares one office, has several offices, or works virtually, every team can get on the same page, and get more done.


Matt Lovato
Sr. Marketing Manager, Samepage Labs Inc.
social (at) samepage dot io


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