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Samepage Previews the Next Generation of Collaboration

March 10, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA - March 10th, 2016

Samepage is previewing the future of collaboration software with its release of Team Pages powered by Samepage's all-new Livepage architecture. Team Pages are an all-new platform for collaboration where teams can work simultaneously and see results in real-time. With this release Samepage is further blurring the line between communication and workflows by bringing all of the tools you need to do business to one application.

“One of the biggest challenges employees face today is having the information spread out across too many tools. This makes it difficult to access the right information at the right time. By bringing together content from multiple applications onto a single screen, people are then able to collaborate more effectively, and focus on getting their work done instead of searching for what they need.” -- Alan Lepofsky, Partner Constellation Research

Collaboration is about more than communication - it's about bringing your team and your work together in one place. With a glut of piecemeal collaboration solutions, today's workflows are becoming increasingly complicated and fragmented. Context switching and the high attention demands of platforms like Slack is hugely expensive for business. Just take a look at #Slacklash.

"We're on a mission to eradicate context-switching by building the most complete, most flexible and most intuitive team collaboration platform on the planet." -- Scott Schreiman, CEO Samepage Inc.

With this preview release of Team Pages, all Samepage users will have access to Team Pages and Page Chat alongside their original pages. Team Pages is powered by our Livepage architecture, which means teams can work simultaneously and see changes as they happen. The Livepage architecture is a new proprietary platform for collaboration where all content is editable in real-time by multiple users. The Team Pages preview is available to all Samepage users today.

Samepage's preview release of Team Pages is just the latest development from Samepage Inc. including last month's launch of fully integrated Samepage Chat. With Samepage Chat, you can chat 1-to-1 with coworkers and teams, or start a video call right from your Samepage Chat window. By bringing your team, your conversation, and your content to one place Samepage is building the most complete collaboration solution for business.

As we begin the transition from original pages, to a fully real-time dynamic page and chat environment, all you need to do to access the preview is sign in and navigate to the team section. Over the coming weeks we will continue to add features and functionality to make Team Pages even more productive. If you find Dropbox Paper appealing - get all of the features of Dropbox Paper and more, today, with Samepage.

About Samepage

Samepage is changing the way teams work for the better. We've supercharged our platform with real-time capabilities so powerful, you can communicate live, see work progress as it happens, and deliver results faster than ever. Samepage brings together an entire suite of project management tools, awesome communication features, and built-in integration with the apps you use. Everything you need to move projects forward and get work done, without switching applications. Your all-in-one collaboration solution is finally here. For more information and to create a free account, visit


Matt Lovato
Sr. Marketing Manager, Samepage Labs Inc.
social (at) samepage dot io

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