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Legend Status

Achieving Legendary Collaborator Status on Samepage

Legendary status is a big deal. It is only bestowed upon those who walk the path, but for those who do, collaboration magnificence awaits.

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How to become a Legend

Easy. Once you've achieved "Master" status, get in contact with us through the form below. We'll link up with you for a quick conversation about how you use Samepage and how it's helped you and your team get more done. Then presto, you'll have an article about your organization on our site, and your logo will be featured throughout.

Benefits of Legendary status

How about a little worldwide recognition? Your logo will be featured throughout our site for our global audience to see. It will no doubt drive traffic to your website as future legendary collaborators learn more about Samepage. For all of you SEO rockstars out there, you'll also appreciate the benefits of another well-valued backlink.

Below is the path that
all Legends follow.

Explore the desktop and mobile app.

Invite your team to join you.

Chat with an individual or a group.

Create a page and share tasks, files, etc.

Participate in a short case study.

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