Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.


We think our story may be of interest to you. Below you'll find links to our online press kit. Included are details of our go-to-market strategy for 2019.

In short, we’re one of the most highly rated all-in-one team collaboration apps, and we recently started offering the equivalent of Slack’s advanced feature set for free. We compete quite successfully with G Suite and Microsoft Teams as well.



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We hope you'll have a few minutes to look this over and consider covering us in your next article about team communication and collaboration apps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly. If you'd like to speak directly with our CEO, I can arrange the meeting.


Matt Lovato

Senior Marketing Manager at Samepage