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Integrations > Customer Support

Using a Salesforce workflow, you can have changes in data trigger an "outbound message".  This outbound message is a package of field names and data values that can be sent into Samepage to create a new page, task, or comment. There are an unlimited number of possible uses, but here are just a few:

  • Create a page in your Support team when someone fills out a website form
  • Create a comment in your Sales team when a customer upgrades
  • Create a follow-up task when an account shows low activity
  • Create a comment in your Marketing team for each signup on your website

Here's how we notify our Support team of a new request in Samepage:

1. Create a Zap is a service that connects 700+ popular apps to Samepage. Signing up only takes a minute, and creating a zap is easy. Simply click "Make a zap", and you'll be asked to choose a "Trigger App".  Choose Salesforce here.

Next, start typing "Outbound Message" in the search bar, and you'll see the option appear.  Select it and click Save + Continue. 

You'll then be asked to connect to your Salesforce account.  Finally, Zapier will give you a URL called a "Webhook". Copy it and open Salesforce in a new browser tab.

2. Create a Salesforce Workflow

Creating a workflow in Salesforce will vary depending on your version of Salesforce and what you need it to do. Once you set up your criteria for the workflow, you can select "Outbound Message" as a Workflow Action. Paste Zapier's webhook URL into Salesforce's Endpoint URL, select the field values you'd like to send, and activate it!

Then, run a test on your workflow to trigger an outbound message to Zapier.

3. Automatically create content in Samepage

Go back to Zapier in your browser and click "OK, I did this". Zapier will find your outbound message test and use it to help you build the rest of the zap.

After Zapier has found your message, it'll allow you to choose your Action app. Choose Samepage. 

You'll then be allowed to choose what kind of content you'd like to create in Samepage. 

Below is an example of what it looks like to create a page.  You'll choose the team in which you'd like to create the content, followed by the name of your new page.  You can use data from Salesforce by clicking the button to the right of the field.  The same goes for creating page content and the optional chat message.

Test it, and you're done!   Now you can have changes in Salesforce data automatically notify your team in Samepage!

Cheers, and enjoy!  You're an automated workflow master now :-)