Desktop app? Yes please!

The Samepage Desktop App for makes it even easier to hop into Samepage. One click and you're in. Plus, it'll help you synchronize your team files to your computer for easy updating and offline access.



Integrations > Calendars

Stay on top of meetings even when you're not on Samepage

Sure, Samepage has a dedicated calendar for each team and a "My Calendar" that aggregates all the events in your teams in one place.

But what if you want to see those events on another calendar altogether? No problem!

Subscribe to any calendar in Samepage and add it to an iCal-supported calendar such as Apple, Google, or Outlook Calendar.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to the Samepage calendar you want to subscribe.

2. Click the 3-dot menu next to "New Event" and select "Subscribe."

3. Copy the link in "Subscribe to this Calendar."

4. Paste the link in your iCal-supported application.

Learn more about subscribing to a calendar on Samepage.