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Working With Tasks

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Depending on how your organization uses Samepage, tasks are typically managed in one of three ways:

Samepage Task Locations

1. Tasks on pages

Teams that typically create a new page for each project tend to put their tasks right on the page 1. This has a few unique advantages. First, this allows comments to be attached to a task. Comments can be made directly on a task simply by placing your mouse over the task and clicking the comment button that appears on the right. Second, this allows tasks to stay grouped together with other project content, such as maps, files, co-authored text, images, diagrams, etc. This often helps to provide more context to the task. These tasks also show up in the team's task list 2 with links to their pages for easy access.

Tasks can be created on a page in 2 ways.

  1. On a desktop computer, hover your mouse over a page and look for the "+" symbol following your mouse cursor around. Once you click it, you'll see "Task" among the options. On the Samepage mobile app, navigate to a page and tap the green "+" symbol in the lower right corner. You'll see the option to create a new task in the green bar that appears across the bottom of your screen.
  2. While typing on a page, start a new line with brackets []. Then hit the spacebar and type a task title. Then hit "Enter" and the line will be converted to a task. If you'd like to assign it to someone, start a line with brackets, hit the spacebar, type a title, hit the spacebar again, and then type the @symbol followed by the first few characters of someone's name. When you see the correct name auto-suggested, select it and then hit enter. A new task will be created and assigned to the user you specified.

2. A team's Tasks list

Team tasks won't always belong on a page. In some circumstances, your team may find it more convenient to simply create a task in the team's Task list 1. With the exception of being able to comment directly on the task, all other functionality is the same as a task on a page. Feel free to assign tasks to one or more people, set deadlines & reminders, and add additional details.

Tasks on this list can be sorted by due date, priority, or name. You can also filter the list by searching for specific terms 2.

To create a task in this section, simply click the "+ New task" button near the top left corner of your team Task list. Your new task will be visible alongside any tasks that live on team pages. Those tasks have a link to their page underneath the task details 3.

Samepage Task Locations

3. Tasks in your dock

Each user has their own private Task list 1. This section shows all tasks assigned to you, regardless of where they're located. This section also makes it easy for you to create tasks for yourself without having to navigate to a specific team. When you highlight any content on Samepage, you'll be given the chance to convert it to a task. Those tasks are also stored here.

To create a task in this section, simply navigate to it and click the "+ New task" button near the top left corner of your screen.

Viewing others' task lists

The Tasks button in your dock also allows you to see a list of tasks assigned to other members and guests. Any tasks assigned to them in a team accessible to you will be visible here. 2

Samepage Tasks Assigned to Others

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