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Using @Mentions

Help Center > Tips

We've all heard of using @mention to grab someone's attention. But did you know that on Samepage, you can also mention a page to provide a quick link for others to reference?

Here are some helpful tips on using mentions:

Mention a team member: You can do this in two ways - type "@" followed by the person's name in any chat conversation. Or, start typing that person's name (just make sure you capitalize the first letter), then select their name when prompted.

That person will receive a red dot notification with an "@" symbol, letting them know they've been mentioned.

Mention a page: Type "@" followed by the page name in any chat conversation or page. Anyone can then click on that link to go directly to that page.

Mention a File: If a file is located in a team's FILES section, you can mention it anywhere in Samepage. Mentioning a file provides a quick link to the file you want to reference. To mention a file, type "@file name", then select the file you want to link. Any user can then click on that link to be directed to that file.