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Teams and Sub-Teams

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Collaboration is all about people coming together and working towards a common goal. That's why the Team is at the very heart – and the whole basis – for using Samepage.

The Team is where you need to go to get work done. So whether you're planning a project, sharing files, or discussing ideas, it all starts with – you guessed it, the Team!

To create a team, go to the Main Navigation menu and select Create Team. From here, you can also set the privacy level for your team (Pro feature). Once you name your team and add people to your team, you can create pages and get to work. Huzzah!


A sub-team is a team within a team. It's great for working with a specific set of people on projects that may not involve the entire team.

A Team Owner (anyone with a little crown on their avatar) can create a sub-team by clicking the 3 little dots next to the team name and selecting Create sub-team. The Team Owner can then adjust who belongs to the sub-team by adding or removing people.