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Teams and Sub-Teams

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These tips are for organizations created prior to March 13, 2020. Visit if your organization is newer than that.

A "team" in Samepage is a collection of people and the content they share together. A team is often created for each department within an organization. Team names such as Marketing, Accounting, Sales, etc. are common. Teams are also often created to manage larger projects, such as "March Product Launch" or "New Office Design".

Sub-teams are often used to organize larger projects within a department. Sub-teams can also be used to separate specialized team activity from regular department activity. Sub-teams function just like regular teams, but their positioning in your team list is unique, as you can see in the example below. Sub-teams are tucked underneath their parent team and use a circle instead of a square 1. Sub-teams can be easily minimized or expanded 2 for cleaner and more convenient navigation.

Samepage Sub-teams on desktops

Multiple teams and sub-teams can be created within a single organization, but all teams share the same structure. This structure consists of 5 sections:

Samepage Team Pages


Team pages are multi-media documents that can be edited by multiple people at the same time. Pages can also host conversations via text messages or audio/video calls and can optionally be shared with external guests or the entire world via a public link.

Samepage Team Chat


A place for the team to chat via instant messages. This section can also be used to launch team video or audio conference calls.

Samepage Team Tasks


A collection of tasks from anywhere within the team. Tasks can be created in this section or on team pages. Either way, they'll be displayed here.

Samepage Team Calendar


This section displays all team events and task deadlines in a calendar view. Events can be added directly to the team calendar, or they can be added to team pages. Either way, they'll be displayed here.

Samepage Team Files


A place for the team to share and synchronize files to their desktop computers (requires the Samepage Desktop App).

The Everyone Team

The "Everyone" team is unique. It is the only team that is automatically created for your organization, and it stays at the top of your team list. It is also the only team where invited members of your organization are automatically added. Finally, it is the only team where invited guests (usually clients, contractors, and other external users) are not allowed. This team is only for your organization members (usually employees).

Creating New Teams & Managing Privacy

You can create new teams by looking for the NEW TEAM button 1 above your list of teams. You can create sub-teams from within a parent team's settings menu (gear icon next to the team name) 2. This is also the place where you can manage a team's privacy settings, as shown in the example below.

Samepage Team Privacy

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