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Inviting People

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Samepage helps you work with people inside and outside of your organization.  Inviting contractors, clients, vendors, and other external collaborators is just as easy as inviting your co-workers. When inviting someone, simply invite them as either a member or a guest.  Here's how:

Inviting Members

Typically, your co-workers should be invited as Members. Members are automatically added to your "Everyone" team, and they are free to discover and join other "Open" teams within your organization. They're also free to explore "Protected" teams, though they won't be able to edit protected content without being invited to those teams first. Members also have the ability to create teams, invite people, share pages with the public, etc. You can invite members to your organization in a few easy ways.

The Settings Menu

On a desktop computer, your Settings menu can be accessed with the gear icon at the bottom of the dock 1 Once you've clicked the gear, click the "People" button in your dock list 2 You'll see a list of current members and guest along with a button to + INVITE PEOPLE 3 Clicking this button will give you the chance to enter email addresses and choose whether or not to add them as guests or members 4

Invite people from the main menu

A Team's Settings Menu (gear icon)

If you'd like to invite someone to a specific team, first navigate to the team, and then look for the team's gear icon 1 Select the "Team members" option, then look for the button to +Add members. A popup will appear that gives you the option to invite people as members or guests.

Invite people to a team

Inviting Guests

Guests are typically people outside of your organization. They're often customers, contractors, vendors, etc. The 'online status' indicators on their avatars signal their status as guests with a small arrow, as shown below:

Samepage Guests

Guests can be invited to participate in 3 ways.


Inviting a Guest to a team is useful when you want the Guest to have access to everything within the team, including the team Pages, Chat, Tasks, Events, and Files sections. You can invite a Guest to a team in the same way you invite a member to a team, with the team's settings menu (gear icon), as explained above.

Team Pages

If you don't want a Guest to have access to everything within a team, you can invite them to a specific page. Your guest will be allowed to contribute to the page but will not be allowed to navigate to other areas within the team. To invite a Guest to a page, navigate to the page and look for the page's 3-dot menu 1. Then select "Share", followed by "With specific people".

Invite a Guest to a page

Private and Group Chats

You can also invite guests through the People screen. Click the "Settings" icon in the lower left corner of your desktop screen and select People. By inviting Guests through the People screen, you'll only have the ability to chat and audio/video conference with them in a one-on-one or group chat setting. You'll still need to invite them to a team or a page if you want them to participate there.

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