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Integrating More Apps

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Samepage is capable of integrating with over 1000+ popular 3rd-party apps. Through the use of Zapier, updates and information from apps like Salesforce, Slack, Hubspot, Marketo, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Gmail, and more can be brought into Samepage in various ways. This can be an extremely powerful way to automate workflows and consolidate information & conversations in a single place. Currently, other apps can automatically perform the following actions in Samepage:

  • Create a new page & optionally post a comment on the page
  • Create a new team or sub-team & optionally invite team owners, members, and guests
  • Create a new team task in a team's TASKS section & optionally assign it to someone with a due date
  • Post a new chat message on a page
  • Post a new chat message in a team's CHAT section

How can automation be used?

Business activity feed: Sales and marketing teams often automate the posting of new team chat messages when important business activities take place. For example, a sales team might like a notification when a particular account reaches a milestone. A marketing team might like a notification when a website visitor signs up for something important. In either case, information can be sent to Samepage in the form of a chat message including details and links to records in other platforms like Salesforce or Hubspot.

Customer support: Because teams in Samepage can support guests, Samepage customers often use teams as a place to collaborate with clients, contractors, vendors, etc. Customer support teams often use Samepage to chat online with their customers via audio/video calls or instant messages. Teams help keep client interactions separate and private, but they also improve response times and support team transparency. With the use of Zapier, your customers creating an online support ticket through your website for the first time can automatically trigger the creation of a new support sub-team in your Samepage account and automatically invite the customer along with appropriate members of your support staff.

Here are a few ideas on popular Zaps to create with Samepage:

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