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Getting Started

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Welcome to Samepage

Samepage brings together all the tools you need to collaborate with your team – messaging, files, tasks, and calendars – to one place.

What makes Samepage different is its Livepage architecture, which enables team members to work at the same time and see every action – from typing text to populating a spreadsheet –  in real time. It's a simple approach to collaboration that promotes transparency and communication.


Learning the Basics

If you're new to Samepage, we recommend you first get acquainted with the following:

  • The Team is the heart and soul of collaboration and the very basis for using Samepage. The Team is where you go to find all your team's work, and also where you go to chat with your team or make a team video call. So whether you're planning a project, sharing files, or discussing ideas, it all starts with – you guessed it, the Team! [learn how to create a team]

  • A Team Page is the place for your team to collaborate and share information. A Team Page is a blank canvas that allows you to add content such as text, files, images, videos, and more. [learn how to create a team page]

  • The Main Navigation Menu is your control center and shows any unread messages in your teams and private chat conversations. [learn how to use the main nav]


Want to learn more?  Check out our Definitive Guide to Using Samepage or watch this quick demo to get an idea of how Samepage makes teamwork easier: