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These tips are for organizations created prior to March 13, 2020. Visit if your organization is newer than that.

Direct Messaging

Text messages and audio/video call invitations can be sent directly to anyone in your organization, creating a persistent & private chat room for the two of you. On a desktop computer, select Chats from your dock 1. Then, in your dock list, look for the person you'd like to chat with 2 or click START NEW 3 to create a new chat with one or more people.

Once you've selected the person you'd like to chat with, enter text and/or attachments at the bottom of the main display and hit enter to send your message. If you'd prefer to connect via audio/video instead, simply click the phone or video icon in the upper right corner 4. In both cases, the other person will receive a notification immediately.

Samepage direct messaging on desktops

To chat directly with another person on a mobile device, tap the Samepage icon at the bottom of your screen 1. You'll see a row of options appear above the button. Tap the "Chats" option 2.

Samepage Page Content Chat on Mobile

You'll then see a list of people you've had conversations with before. You can also start new conversations with anyone inside or outside your organization by tapping the "+Start new" button 1. If someone has been invited to your organization by another coworker and you have not yet had a chance to chat directly with them, you'll see the option to find and chat with them as in the example below 2.

Samepage Page Content Chat on Mobile

Group Messaging

Similar to sending direct messages, text messages can be sent directly to a group of people in your organization, creating a persistent private chat room for the group. To create a group, click the magnifying glass next to "CHAT WITH" below your list of teams. You'll be allowed to select multiple people to add to the group chat. Please keep in mind that people cannot be added to the group chat after it has been created. If you think the conversation might require more people later, we recommend creating a new Team instead of a group chat.

Team Chat

Each team has its own section for sharing quick and easy chat messages (highlighted in blue below). When conversations in a team's CHAT section become bigger than expected, teams often create a new page to continue the discussion, share screenshots, files, and other related multi-media content.

Like all chat locations in Samepage, the team CHAT section supports attachments, emojis, and audio/video conference calls. When a comment or audio/video call invitation is posted here, every team member and guest will receive a notification instantly.

Samepage Team Chat

Page Chat

As mentioned earlier, comments can be shared on a team page in 2 ways. Comments can be added to specific page content or posted directly in the PAGE CHAT section. In either case, everyone with access to the page will receive a notification instantly.

Audio/Video Conference Calls

Audio/video conference calls can be launched from almost anywhere in Samepage 1. Where you launch the call will determine who is notified that call has begun. For example, launching an audio/video call in a private chat will only notify those with explicit access. Launching a call in a team chat room or on a team page will notify all team members and guests.

Samepage Video Calls

Using the Samepage Inbox

Access your Inbox from your dock 1. It brings all of a user's recent and unread notifications together in your dock list no matter where the notification is coming from. Notifications can be filtered down to "Unread only" with the click of a button if desired 2.

Samepage Inbox

Inbox offers 2 main benefits:

Reading notifications in place - Inbox on a desktop computer allows messages to be read without leaving your current location. This allows you to continue working on one page without missing updates on another. To read a new comment using Inbox, simply open Inbox and hover over any red dot 1. A preview pane will appear. It will display the unread message along with any previous comments in the thread.

Clearing many notifications quickly - along with a preview of a new comment, Inbox also displays other relevant information such as how long ago the comment was made, in which team, and on which page. This helps users quickly decide whether or not a notification can be marked as read without navigating to the full conversation. To mark a message as read using Inbox, simply open Inbox and click on any red dot.

Samepage Inbox Preview Pane

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