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Communicating in Samepage

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Samepage gives you lots of options to help you communicate effectively and get work done:

1:1 and Group Chat

Directly message an individual or group of people, whether they're coworkers in the same company or external people like vendors or contractors. From the main navigation menu, click the magnifying glass next to "Chat With". Select or type the person's name(s), then chat away!

Team Chat

Team Chat is the perfect place to share the latest news and updates with your team. Any team you create on Samepage comes with its own chat built right in – select a team from the main navigation menu, then click Chat.

Page Chat

Page Chat lets you collaborate alongside files, tasks, and other stuff you have on a page. It's a great way to keep your content and conversations together in one spot.

Sure, you can type a message directly in the Page Chat column. What's really cool is that you can also chat about a specific item, like an image, document, or task. Mouse over to the right of an item to show the 4-bubble menu, then click the conversation icon. You'll see your message appear in Page Chat, along with a link that'll take you straight to that item.

Video Chat

Samepage also has built-in video calling! Learn more.