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Assigning Tasks

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We've all been there. The project you're managing is a team effort, but with so many tasks and a looming deadline, it's hard to keep it all straight.

Assigning tasks in Samepage is a great way to pull that to-do list out of the inbox and into a more visible place. It also holds the team accountable and serves as a gentle reminder of when you need to finish your part.

Here's a tip for quickly creating multiple tasks on a page. Instead of using the green "plus" icon, simply type brackets on the page, like this - []. Then hit the space bar and type the text for your task. Upon hitting the "Enter" key, your brackets and text will be converted into a task.

The same applies to the "Details" section of a task. By typing brackets, dashes, or 1., your details will convert to subtasks, bullet lists, or numbered lists.

For your next project, start a task list and:

Set a clear deadline with due date and time

Assign a task owner

Enter details for the task

Take a look at the short how-to clip below: