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Synchronizing and Working With Team Files

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Uploading Files

Creating a Folder

Syncing Files to your Computer

Accessing Synced Files

Adding Files to a Synced Folder


Samepage makes it easy to share files with co-workers in 3 different ways. Of course, you can attach files in chat messages, and you can also drag & drop files onto a page. You can learn more about this method with our help article about sharing files on a page. The article below discusses the 3rd way - using a team's FILES section. This section is ideal for files that are not part of a specific project but are often accessed by a team or department regularly. For example, a marketing team may want to have common files such as corporate identity assets, ongoing reports, and reusable design files in the Marketing team's FILES section. This section is also great for files you'd like to synchronize to your computer.

Uploading Files

1. Select the team you want

2. Click FILES

3. Click Upload to attach file(s) or drag and drop them from your computer.

Upload New File

Uploading New Versions

1. Select the team you want, then click FILES.

2. Hover over the file you want to update, and then click the 3-dot menu on the right.

3. Select "Upload New Version".

Viewing Version History

1. Select the team you want, then click FILES.

2. Hover over the file you want to update, and then click the 3-dot menu on the right.

3. Select "See File Versions".

Opening and Editing Files

You have two options for working with files on Samepage:

  • Download - downloads the file locally to your computer. To download a file, simply click the file and select Download.
  • Direct File Editing (Open In) - opens the file in its native application. This allows you to edit and save the file back to Samepage.

Note: You must be on the Samepage desktop app to use the direct file editing feature.

To Use Direct File Editing: 

  1. Click on the desired file and select Open In [app].
  2. Make changes to your file.
  3. Click Save, then close the file. You'll receive a push notification that your file was successfully uploaded to Samepage.

Creating a Folder

Click the folder icon located on the top-right.

A "New Folder" will appear (if you have other files or folders in your team, the new folder will be listed in alphabetical order).

By hovering your mouse over the folder, you can access the 3-dot menu to:

  • Open
  • Download all files in folder
  • Rename folder
  • Delete all files in folder
Working With File Folders

Once a folder exists, you can easily drag and drop files into it.

Syncing Files to your Computer

By using the "Sync to computer" feature in a team's FILES section, Samepage will basically download a copy of the files and store them on your computer. This will allow you to access, edit, and save your files on your local hard drive, even if you don't have an internet connection. Once you're online, your file(s) will automatically sync to Samepage. Anyone else who is also synchronizing those files to their computers will automatically download any changes you've made and vice versa. Although Samepage will always show the latest version of these files in the FILES section, you can access previous versions of any file by looking through its file history. This is located in the 3-dot menu that appears when your mouse is hovering over a file in the FILES section.

To synchronize files to your computer, open the Samepage Desktop app. Then navigate to your desired team and click the "FILES" section. Then click the option to "Sync to Computer" in the upper right corner. This will begin syncing the files in this section to your computer immediately. You only need to click this once. While this feature remains on, changes to files on your hard drive will be uploaded to Samepage automatically, and when other team members make changes to these files, those edits will be synchronized to your hard drive automatically.

The Samepage Desktop App must be open for synchronizations to continue. The app may be minimized, but it cannot be closed.

Any changes you make locally to a synced folder will be reflected in Samepage. If you move synced folders around on your hard drive, Samepage will replicate those changes for everyone else who has the same set of files synchronized.

If you and your team are planning on regularly editing the same file, it is recommended that you use the "Open" feature in the Samepage Desktop App, available next to the file, under the 3-dot menu.

Accessing Synced Files

To access synced files on your computer, locate the folder "Samepage - [your org]":

  • on Mac: via Finder
  • on Windows: via Explorer

All your synced files will be in this top-level folder, with sub-folders for each team you have synced.

Adding Files to a Synced Folder

To add a local file to a synced folder, drag and drop the file directly into the sub-folder.

Important: Make sure to add the file into the team sub-folder and NOT the top-level folder (the folder named "Samepage - [your org]")!

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