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Retiring Legacy Samepage Sync Tool

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If you're seeing one of the following dialogs, you're in the right place. We'll walk you through what to do next.

Retired Legacy Samepage Sync Tool for Mac
Retired Legacy Samepage Sync Tool for Mac

Why am I seeing this?

You were using the old version of our file synchronization tool. We are retiring this version and are now supporting only our newer and more advanced version, so let's get you hooked up!

Step 1. Removing the old version

First we need to remove the old version of the app from your computer. This will turn off synchronization to your computer. Existing synchronized files will not be affected by this step. They will stay untouched and in place as a backup. Depending on the operating system you're using, your existing synchronized files will stay here:

  • WINDOWS - C:\Users\NAME\Samepage
  • MAC - /Users/NAME/Samepage

To remove the old version of our app on a Mac, simply go to your Applications folder and drag the to the trash. Windows users should use the Uninstall feature. Depending on your version of Windows, you'll need to follow one of these paths:

  • Windows 8, 8.1, 10 - Gear icon in Start menu -> Applications -> Samepage Sync -> Uninstall
  • Windows 7 - Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Samepage Sync -> Uninstalll

Step 2. Installing the new version

Now head on over to to download our latest version. Once installed, your previously synchronized files will begin re-synchronizing to a new location on your computer.


How do I synchronize new files going forward?

Each team in Samepage has its own section for files. In this section, an option to synchronize them will be in the top right corner.

Samepage Desktop App File Synchronization

The new Samepage Desktop App also allows you to open files on a page or in the team's Files section without the hassles of downloading, making changes, saving, and then uploading. Simply use the "Open" option on any file, make your changes, save and close, and you're done! The file is automatically updated online for your team.

Samepage Desktop App Online File Editing

Moving Legacy Samepage content to Teams

You may be interested in moving your Legacy Samepage pages and files out of the old platform and into the new one. Please take a moment to review this help article.

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