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Migrating Legacy Files to Teams

Help Center > Articles > Files

When migrating a Legacy page to a Team, you'll be prompted with the following dialog. You may have files and/or folders on your page that cannot be migrated to a Team page in their current structure.

File Migration

In this case, you'll have the option to keep standalone files from your Legacy page on your new Team page, but folders (and files within those folders) will be moved to the team's FILES section. This is because team pages do not currently support folders.

To use this dialog, simply select the team where you'd like your newly migrated page to appear, and then choose to either have all files added to the team's FILES section, or to have standalone files added directly to your new page instead.

If you're unfamiliar with the FILES section within a team, take a look below.

Sync Team Files

As you can see, this team's FILES section supports folders, and it also supports file synchronization using our desktop app, enabling you to have copies of these files synchronized to your hard drive.

For more on working with files in our Teams platform, please read this help article.

For more on migrating Legacy pages to Team pages, please read this help article.

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