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Samepage integrates with Egnyte, an enterprise file sharing and content governance solution. Users can easily access and share content stored on the Egnyte platform while collaborating on Samepage. All that's required is a one-time setup process.

Setting Up Egnyte on Samepage

If you're new to Samepage, we recommend you first check with your company to make sure it does not already have a Samepage account (to avoid creating a duplicate account). If your company has a Samepage account, ask a current member to send you an invitation to join.

If your company does not have a Samepage account, follow the steps below for best practices on getting started. You can click on the highlighted red text for more information.

1. Create a Samepage account for your company.

2. Get to know Samepage. Learn how to use the Main Navigation Menu, Teams, and Team Pages.

  • The Main Navigation Menu is the control center to access your Teams, Team Pages, Chat, Events, and Tasks. The Main Navigation also shows any unread messages in your teams and chat conversations. [learn about the main navigation menu]
  • The Team is the heart and soul of collaboration, and the very basis for using Samepage. The Team is where you go to find all of your team's work, start a team chat, or make a team video call. So whether you're planning a project, sharing files, or discussing ideas, it all starts with – you guessed it, the Team! [learn how to create a team]
  • A Team Page is the place for your team to collaborate and share information. A Team Page is a blank canvas that allows you to add content such as text, files, images, videos, and more. [learn how to create a team page]

3. Invite your colleagues to Samepage.

4. Start collaborating and sharing Egnyte files!

Adding Egnyte Files to Samepage

Here's a quick clip with step-by-step instructions on adding your Egnyte files:

1. On a Team Page, click where you'd like to attach your Egnyte file. You'll see a green plus appear.

2. Click the green plus, select Cloud Files, then Egnyte.

3. Enter your Egnyte domain address, then click Connect.

If you do not know what your domain address is, it can be found in the URL you use to access Egnyte (e.g.

4. Attach the desired file(s).

You should now see your Egnyte file(s) on the Team Page. Samepage empowers you to connect your content with the rest of your projects - add other types of content related to your project such as tasks, calendar events, and images. Or embed videos, Google Docs, and other rich media directly to your page.

With your Egnyte files and related content in place, your team has a central location to access the information they need. More importantly, your team has a designated space to discuss files and other items on the page. It's a great way of keeping content and conversation together!

Still experiencing issues linking your file? Check out our troubleshooting article.

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