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Create a Sub-Team

Help Center > Articles > Teams


A sub-team is a team within a team. A Team Owner can create a sub-team to collaborate on projects that may not involve the entire team.

For example, if you and a few other members from the marketing team are working on a project with an outside contractor, you can create a sub-team and:

  • Remove any team members who aren't involved, or add other members who are
  • Add guests
  • Set the sub-team to Open or Private (Pro feature)
  • To create a sub-team:

    1. Click the gear icon next to the team name.


    2. Click Create sub-team

    3. Remove team members you do not want to include in the sub-team. If you like, add other people to the sub-team.

    4. Set the privacy level for the sub-team (Pro feature).

    5. Click CREATE SUB-TEAM.


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