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Invite People to Samepage

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Samepage makes it easy to collaborate with anyone, whether they're colleagues in your company or external people such as contractors, partners, or clients. All members can invite new users to Samepage. All that's needed is their email address!

  • Members are people in your company or organization. Members have full access to open teams and can create teams of their own.
  • Guests are people outside of your organization. Guests are much more restricted in terms of what they can see and access – they only see the teams they belong to and can only chat with people within their team(s). 


Inviting New Members

To invite new members to Samepage, open the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon. On a desktop computer, you'll see it in the lower left corner of your screen. On a mobile device, you'll see it in the upper right corner of your screen after tapping the Samepage button at the bottom.

Once you've opened the Settings menu, select "People" and look for the "+ Invite people" button in the upper left corner. After typing in a valid email address, you'll be presented with the option to invite the user as a member or a guest.

Invite people from the main menu

Note - Pro accounts will see the number of available licenses in the 'Invite People' dialog.

The invited user(s) will receive an email invitation to join Samepage. The user must accept the email invitation in order to join the organization. 

Inviting Members and Guests to a Team

To invite a member or guest to a specific team:

  1. Click the gear icon next to the team name, then select Team members.
  2. Select Add Members.
  3. Select existing member or enter new user's email address. For a new user, select Member or Guest.
  4. Click Add People.
Invite people to a team


What else do you need to know?

If the person you've invited has accepted the invitation but has since lost their invitation or is unable to log in:

  1. Ask them to go to 
  2. Select Log In and enter their email address.
  3. Click Forgot password and follow prompts.

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