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Disable or Remove Users

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Only Admins and User Managers have the ability to remove or disable a user from the organization. Once a user is removed or disabled, he or she will not be able to log in to that organization. Their content (i.e. pages and messages) will remain in Samepage and will be accessible to other users with appropriate rights.

  • Removing a User: Permanently removes the user from the Samepage organization. This action cannot be undone. 
  • Disabling a User: Disables the user from logging in to the Samepage organization. This action can be reversed to enable the user to log in again.
Team Owners have the ability of removing members from their team. Removing a member from a team does not remove them from the organization.

Removing a Team Member 

1. Click the gear icon next to your team name and select Team members
Access Team Members

2. Hover to the right of the team member's name and click the X.

Remove Team Members

3. Click Yes, remove


Disabling a User Login from Your Organization

1. Click the Gear icon and select People.

2. Select the desired user.

3. Click Manage and select Disable Login from drop-down menu.

To re-enable login, select Enable Login. 


Removing a User from Organization 

1. Click the Gear icon and select People.

2. Select the desired user.

3. Click Manage and select Remove User from drop-down menu. 

4. You'll see a message transferring the user's access rights to you. To transfer access rights to someone else, click Change and select another user. 


Removing a User from Your Samepage Pro Subscription

It's important to note that removing a user from your organization does not affect the number of licenses you are paying for. If you'd like to make a license change to your Samepage Pro subscription, please contact our support team.

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