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Generate a HAR File

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Our customer support team may ask you to generate a HAR file when trying to troubleshoot complex issues.

HAR (stands for HTTP Archive) contains information of web requests taking place in the browser. Providing HAR files enables us to analyze potential performance and page rendering issues.


Generating a HAR File from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome, then go to the page where you are experiencing issues.

2. Click View –> Developer –> Developer Tools.

3. Select the Network tab.

4. Confirm there is a red 'recording' circle (if you see a gray circle, click it to start recording).


5. Mark the following boxes:

  • Preserve log
  • Disable cache

6. Click the Clear button to clear out any existing logs.

7. Reproduce the issue that you were experiencing.

8. Once you are done, right-click anywhere on the log in the Network tab, then select Save as HAR with Content, and save the file to your computer. 


9. Upload your HAR file to your ticket/email so that we may analyze it.


Generating a HAR File from desktop app

1. Open the desktop app, login, and then go to the content where you are experiencing issues.

2. Locate the About dialog and keep clicking on the Samepage logo until it reveals “Open Dev Tools” option.

  • For Windows: the about dialog can be found by navigating to the bottom taskbar, click the ^ icon to open hidden icons, right click on the Samepage icon, and click About
  • For Mac: the about dialog can be found by navigating to the menu bar, click on Samepage next to the Apple icon, click About Samepage

Once the developer tools are open you can follow the steps above, starting with step 3.

Desktop about dialog

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