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Team Privacy

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Team Privacy is displayed at the top of the team to the right of the team title and the gear icon.

Team Privacy Display


There are three types of Team Privacy:

  • Open Team (default) - Visible to and editable by all org members. Any org member can join.
  • Protected Team (Pro) - Visible to all org members but editable by team members only. Any non-member can request to join.
  • Private Team (Pro) - Visible to and editable by team members only. Non-members may only join by invitation only.

Team Privacy is relevant only for members of the organization, guests on the other hand can only see and be in teams where they were invited so the privacy level of the team is irrelevant.


Set the Privacy Level for a new Team

All members of an organization can create new teams and the privacy level is set at the time the team is created.

Note: guests cannot create teams.

1. In the create team dialog select the desired privacy level.

Team Privacy for New Team


Change the Privacy Level of a Team

After the team has been created only Team Owners and Admins in Pro accounts have the ability to change a team's privacy level.

  1. In the team panel select the team and click to enter it.
  2. Inside the team, to the right of the team name, click the gear icon.
  3. Select Sub-team settings from the gear icon dialog.
  4. In the Team Privacy section select the new privacy setting that you want.
Change team privacy step 1
Change team privacy step 2


As a safety precaution, if you are changing from an open team to a private or protected team or vise versa the system will require you to confirm that team privacy adjustment. You will be presented with an additional dialog and where appropriate click CHANGE to confirm the adjustment, or type "Samepage" into the confirmation dialog and click CHANGE to confirm the team privacy adjustment.

Change open team to private
Change private team to open


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