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Reorganize Teams and Sub-Teams

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Samepage will grow and expand along with your organization, and due to the changes over time, you may find that the set up that you have for your teams and sub-teams isn't supporting your business as well anymore. Don't worry! The teams and sub-teams in Samepage can be moved by Team Owners using drag and drop to reorganize them to suit the organization's needs better now.

Move a Sub-Team to make it a Team

  1. Click on the Sub-Team and drag it to the top of the Team panel until you see the "Drop team here to move it to the main level" message.
  2. Release the Sub-Team.
  3. The Sub-Team will now appear as a Team in the Team panel.
Move a Sub-Team to make it a Team


Move a Team to make it a Sub-Team

  1. Click on the Team and drag it on top of the Team where you want to make it a Sub-Team.
  2. When you see the green checkmark icon, release the Team.
  3. The Team will now appear as a Sub-Team under the new Team in the Team panel.
Move a Team to make it a Sub-Team


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