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Create a Team

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The team is an essential building block of Samepage so to get started with Samepage you'll need to create one. Creating teams is easy and all members of the organization, except for guests, can create a team.

Samepage has two different types of teams, a top level team (called a team) and a sub-team. The team is the highest level of a unit or project and will contain the majority of the material for that group. A sub-team is a sub-unit within a team. Sub-teams give the Team Owners a way to break out some of the content into smaller, more relevant parts, and provide access to that content to a smaller set of members who really need access to that content. For example, a Team Owner could create a sub-team to collaborate on a project that may not involve the entire group, or create a sub-team for each customer under the larger Customer Success team, and only invite the members who work with that customer to the customer sub-team.

Every organization can have a mix of teams and sub-teams. In addition, those teams and sub-teams can be reorganized if needed. To reorganized your teams and sub-teams see our help article on Reorganize Teams and Sub-Teams.

Create a new team

  1. In the left hand dock select Teams.
  2. Select +NEW TEAM.
  3. Enter a team name, select members for your team, select the team privacy, and click CREATE TEAM.
Create new team


Create a sub-team

Only Team Owners of the top level team can create the connected sub-teams.

  1. In the team where you want to create the sub-team click the gear icon and select +Create sub-team.
  2. Enter a sub-team name, select members for your team, select the sub-team privacy, and click CREATE SUB-TEAM.

Note: When creating a sub-team the sub-team dialog will automatically list all members from the team but these members can be removed, and other members and guests added at will.

Create sub team part 1Create sub team part 2


The member creating the team or sub-team is automatically a member and an owner of the team or sub-team that he/she creates.

To invite a guest to a team or sub-team members can type the person's email address, if the guest is not already a member of the organization. Admins have the ability to turn this feature off for members. See our help article about User Roles, Permissions, & Restrictions.

We encourage you to create as many teams as you need and use them for any purpose. For more information about teams and use cases please see About Teams.

See our help article Team Privacy for more information about the different privacy levels for teams.


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