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About Teams

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All of your work in Samepage is organized by teams. You can create a team for any purpose and structure teams in a way that best suits your workflow.

Every team in Samepage has its very own:

  • People: members and guests
  • Chat: for general discussions with your team
  • Files: share and sync files
  • Tasks: view and manage your team's workload
  • Calendar: manage events relevant to your team
  • Pages: create and collaborate on pages

Setting up Teams

Below are a few suggestions for how you can structure teams:

  • by department or function - for teams that need to collaborate and share information within their own departments.
  • by project, campaign, or event - for teams that focus primarily on project-based work. Perfect for marketing agencies, product development teams, or event planners.
  • by customer - for organizations that need to frequently interact with customers. You can create a team for each customer, with sub-teams for different projects.
  • by content - for groups that generate, curate, or distribute content. Samepage integrates with major file sharing services, enabling easy access to content regardless of the platform where the file resides.

We recommend you encourage all users to create teams as needed. This promotes a collaborative culture that's open and transparent, and enables users to share ideas and engage across a number of teams.  

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