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What is a Team?

A team is an essential building block of Samepage. It brings together a group of people (aka team members) in several areas that are necessary for every project or team. Apart from expected items like chat, tasks, calendar, and files, we also offer you pages, task boards, and spreadsheets. Live collaborative documents that combine the best of text documents, spreadsheets, and project management. In addition, Teams help you to collect information and material in one place so that all of the members of the team have access to the same content and all of the latest information.

What's the best way to use a team?

Context matters and what's best for someone else may not be the best for you. So let us introduce you to a few ways that we, and our customers, are using teams to streamline our work.

The team as a department

The larger the organization, the greater the need to create a shared space for people from one department. This way, they can chat and exchange relevant information amongst themselves without bothering or involving workers from other departments. Managing projects becomes comfortable with team pages, and with page chat, you always have the conversation in the right context.

Using teams for departments

The team as a project

Some projects need a cross-department group of people. And some are just plain big. With the Samepage team, you can set up your project as a team, invite all of the people in that project, and then create your project milestones in the team calendar, have a clear overview of project tasks, document the different facets of the project on your team pages, and discuss the project amongst your team members. Breaking a big and bulky project down into pages makes it much easier to manage, and less of a hassle for you and your team members to find the information that they need on that project.

Using teams for projects

The team as a customer

Have all the essential things related to a customer in a single place. Whether it's a sales opportunity or this important customer of your agency. Create your team pages and post the information that's relevant to the customer, including events, tasks, images, files, etc. to that team page. You can also consider bringing the customer in to that team as a guest and thus make your communication with that customer much more effective and efficient.

Using teams for customers

The team the way I want

Find a way that works the best for you. Mix these different approaches to deliver better and faster than ever. Promote a collaborative culture and provide a shared environment for ideas and brainstorming.


Now that you understand what a team is then it's time to create a team

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