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View Page History

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With History, you can see a timeline of edits made to a page. You can also see what the page looked like after each edit session.

An edit session captures page actions and saved file revisions. Each edit session also displays the person's avatar, so you can see who made changes to the page or file. 

  • Page actions refer to changes made to a page. This also includes messages posted by people who made edits to the page.
  • File revisions refer to any point in time when a user saves a file on the page. You can click on any file revision in the timeline to view and download previous versions of the file.  

Learn more about viewing previous file revisions


 Viewing History

Click on the 3 dots on the top right of the page and select History

Access File History


Your screen will go into History mode.  Here you'll see a copy of the page and timeline of edit sessions in descending chronological order. 


To view the changes that have occurred after each edit session:

Click the "Show Changes" switch. 


You may see content highlighted in red or green. Red highlights show you content that was removed. Green highlights show you content that was added.  You can revert to any previous state by selecting a version on the right, and then clicking "REVERT TO SELECTED VERSION."


    To view changes associated with a specific item on a page:

    Click the highlighter icon next to an item on a page. Any edit session marked with a blue bar will indicate when that item was edited.



    To exit History mode:

    Click the "X" on the top right of the window to return to the page. 

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