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Tracking Changes on a Page

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When you've got a team of people working on the same page simultaneously, or when changes on a page need to be approved by a team leader, our "Track Changes" feature is here to help. You'll see exactly who made each change and you can accept or reject them one-by-one or all at once. Plus, it works on more than just text. It also works on tasks, diagrams, files, and everything else you add to a page.

How does it work?

When your cursor is anywhere on a page, you'll see your editing toolbar across the top. On a wide screen, you'll see this icon on the right side of the toolbar: Track Changes Icon If your screen isn't wide enough, look for it under the 3-dot menu on the right side of your toolbar.

Once you turn it on, each change made by a team member to anything on the page will be highlighted in a color associated with the team member who made the change. You'll also see a new bar across the top of the page, showing you each contributor's color as well as options for accepting or rejecting all changes.

Track Changes bar

By clicking on each contributor, you can see exactly what changes they made, and you'll also be presented with the option to Accept or Reject each change. As you can see here, it applies to not only text, but all other elements of a page as well.

Track Changes on tasks

You can optionally pause "Track Changes" if you'd like to make changes to the page without tracking them. This is useful when there are other changes on the page that are awaiting approval, but changes you're making do not need to be tracked.

Pause Track Changes

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