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Sharing Pages With the Public

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Why should I share a page publicly?

Making a page accessible to the public is the easiest way to share your content with a large audience. We get it - not everyone is on Samepage (yet), and sharing a page publicly lets anyone access content you want to share without having to sign up for Samepage first. It's ideal for sharing through social media, mass emails, etc.

How do I share a page with the public?

It's easy. Assuming you're a crowned owner of the team in which a page resides, simply navigate to the page, click the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the page, and look for the "Share" option. Within, look for "Via public link."

The dialog that pops up gives you the ability to switch Public Sharing on and off. Just click the switch, and you're live!  A comment will be posted to the page to let everyone know that it's now open for viewing by the public, and you'll see a small green globe at the top of the page.

The link you see in the popup dialog is ready for you to copy, paste, and share. Anyone who visits this link will see the page without navigation on the left and comments on the right, like this:

How do I turn Public Sharing off?

If you've shared a page publicly and now want to hide the page from public access, simply go back to the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the page, hover over "Share", and then select "Via public link". Once the dialog pops up, click the switch and public page sharing will be turned off for this page. A comment will be posted on the page to update the team.

Notes on Public Links

Please be aware that if you turn Public Sharing off, and then turn it back on again, a new public link will be generated and the old one will no longer work. Please also note that by moving a public page to a different team, the link may be regenerated.

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