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Drawing Diagrams on a Page

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Getting Started

Creating a diagram on a page is done in the same way other content is created. Simply look for the green "plus" cursor on a page.  Once clicked, look for the Diagram option.  By selecting this option, you'll be taken to the full-screen diagram designer where you can easily drag and drop shapes, arrows, and other visuals to help you construct your diagram. 

Saving and Sharing your Diagram

When your diagram is complete, navigate to the upper right corner and save the diagram by clicking the green DONE button.

Editing Your Diagram

You can drag, drop, or comment on this diagram just like any other page content, and of course, you and your team can update it easily with a click. To edit the diagram you can click on the diagram itself or choose the edit option from the 4 dot menu on the right side of the diagram.

Importing & Exporting Your Diagram

Importing diagrams from is easy. After exporting your diagram from, simply upload the exported file into an empty diagram on your page.

If you'd like to take your diagram out of Samepage, you have 2 options. You can export an .svg file which can be used on websites as infinitely scalable graphics, or you can export your diagram into

Import and export options are available by clicking the three-dot menu to the right of the diagram (visible when your mouse hovers over the diagram).

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