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Converting a Legacy Page to a Team Page

Help Center > Articles > Team Pages

If you've been with Samepage from the beginning, you may want to convert your Legacy pages into our new Team pages. Here's how easy it is.

From your Legacy page, simply click the Action menu in the upper right corner, and select "Convert to Team Page".


You'll be presented with a dialog that will allow you to choose which team you'd like to move your Legacy page to when converting it to a Team page. Simply choose your desired team from the list of existing teams. Your Legacy page will be converted and created in the team you selected. You'll be shown a link to your new Team page when the conversion is complete. Conversions usually take only a few seconds.


If sub-pages exist on your Legacy page, you'll have the option to convert those sub-pages. 

Your new Team page will contain links to all of your converted sub-pages. Those sub-pages will also be organized in a folder titled after your main Legacy page.

If you have files and folders on your Legacy Page, you'll be presented with options on how best to migrate them. To learn more, please review this help article.


1. The new Teams platform in Samepage allows you to create multiple teams so you can better organize your conversations and content. For example, many organizations choose to create teams for each department, i.e. marketing, accounting, sales, etc.  When importing your content from Legacy Samepage, it might be a good idea to first set up a few Teams so you can choose them as destinations when moving your Legacy content.

2. The new Teams platform automatically creates an "Everyone" team, but this is only accessible to members of your organization.  Guests in your account will not easily be able to access any content in the Everyone team. If you have more than a few pages that you share with guest, you may wish to create a Team for those pages, and then invite your guest to that Team.

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