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Tasks In The Dock

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Tasks in the dock is a place for you to view tasks reports and create tasks for yourself that don't necessarily belong to any particular team. Toggle between task reports of those assigned to you, tasks you've created, and tasks you've completed. Or create a customized report to see tasks in a particular team, for a particular user, tasks grouped by due date or tag, etc.

Tasks In The Dock


Sorting & Searching

In the upper right corner, you'll see options to see a full view, condensed view, or minimalist view of your task list. You can also group your tasks list by Due Date, Priority, Assignee, Team, Page, Tag, or Completed date. The magnifying glass icon will allow you to search for tasks with text you specify.


Using Task Tags

You can create task tags to help you to identify, filter, and group your tasks. You and the members in your organization define the task tag names, and you can have as many task tags as you wish.

To create a task tag, type the # symbol in the title of a task followed by the tag name without spaces. To add another task tag to the same task, type a space following the first tag then type the # symbol followed by the next tag name without spaces.

You can click directly on any task tag to filter by that tag or type the tag name in the magnifying glass icon, including the # at the beginning of the tag name.

Task Tags


Create Customized Task Report

  1. Click on +New Report in the task panel to create a new task report.
  2. Give your report a title.
  3. In the upper right corner click CUSTOMIZE REPORT to define the parameters of your task report.
  4. Click SAVE to save the report to your CUSTOM REPORT list.
Custom Task Report


My Tasks Notifications

The icon and notification dot in My Tasks change colors to indicate new or upcoming tasks. The notification dot also displays the number of outstanding tasks you have.

Here's a guide to understanding your task notifications:

  • Red icon and red dot: you have new and due task(s)
  • Red icon and gray dot: you have new and upcoming task(s)
  • Gray icon and red dot: you have due task(s) that have been viewed
  • Gray icon and gray dot: you have upcoming task(s) that have been viewed

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