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Adding Event Attendees

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Keep people informed about upcoming events by adding them as attendees.

When you add an event attendee, they will:

  • see the event in their respective "My Calendar"
  • receive a notification about the event
  • have the option to customize the reminder time for the event

Important: My Calendar only displays events that you are attending. Make sure to add yourself to events on your team calendars and pages, if you want those events to appear in your calendar.


Adding Event Attendees

1. Create an event from My Calendar, team calendar, or page.

2. Click the "+" next to your name to add attendees.

(When you create an event, you are automatically listed as an attendee. You have the option to remove yourself by clicking the "x" next to your name.)

Members and existing guests will be auto-suggested. If you need to invite someone new, simply enter their email address.  You'll see the option to invite them as an Event Guest:

Invite Guests to Events

Invitees (including Event Guests) will receive an invitation email with an attached .ics file for external calendar compatibility. External Guests will also get limited access to the event in Samepage and will be given the ability to chat with the organizer as well.

Viewing Event Notifications

In My Calendar, click the bell icon located on the top-right of the window.

This will expand the Event Notifications pane, where you can see notifications of new events and reminders for upcoming events.

Changing the Reminder Time

You can customize the reminder time of an event in My Calendar to whatever you like. Changing the reminder time in My Calendar does not change the reminder time for other attendees.

1. Click the drop-down selector next to My reminder.

2. Select the desired reminder time.

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