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Creating an event

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Samepage helps you stay on top of important events with two types of calendars:

  • My Calendar: displays all events you are attending
  • Team Calendar: aggregates events from pages in your team

My Calendar

Below is a visual guide to understanding your calendar:

  1. Create a new event.
  2. Click 3-dot menu to:
    • subscribe calendar
    • show task deadlines
  3. Expand event notification pane.
  4. Toggle dates back and forth.
  5. View calendar by day, week, or month.
My Calendar

Creating an Event

To create an event from My Calendar:

1. Click "Create Event" or double-click on the desired date.

2. Add event details.

To create an event on a Team Page:

1. Click the green plus, then select Event from the drop-down menu.

2. Add event details.

Create an Event on a Page

To cut or copy and paste an event on a Team Page:

1. Highlight the event you'd like to cut or copy by moving your blinking page cursor to the left of the event. Hold Shift and push the right arrow on your keyboard.

2. Use the standard keyboard shortcut to cut or copy (to copy on Windows, Ctrl+C, to copy on Mac, Command+C)

2. Use the standard keyboard shortcut to paste (to paste on Windows, Ctrl+V, to paste on Mac, Command+V)

Customizing your events

You can customize event settings such as:

  • Name of event
  • Color code event
  • Set event as "All Day"
  • Date and time
  • Reminder time
  • Repeat frequency
  • Event attendees
  • Location

Adding checklists, bullet lists, & numbered lists to an Event

The "Details..." section of an event can be used to create structured lists.


Simply click to edit the "Details..." section of the event, type brackets like this [], hit the spacebar, and type a title. Hit Enter and you'll see a clickable checkbox appear next to your new sub-task. Repeat the process to add multiple sub-tasks.

Bullet List

Start by typing the asterisk symbol or a hyphen, a space, and a title. Upon hitting Enter, the asterisk will convert to a proper bullet point and the next line in the list will have one too.

Numbered List

Create a numbered list by clicking in the "Details..." section of the event, typing 1, a period, a space, and a title. Hit Enter and it'll kick into numbered list mode, creating a second line, starting with 2.

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