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Change Your Email Address

Help Center > Articles > Personal Settings


You can change the email address you use to log in to Samepage. The best way to do this is to send an invitation to the correct email address (NEW email), then remove the incorrect email address (OLD email) from the organization.


Changing Your Email Address

Part 1: Verify email for login and notifications

1. Verify that you are logged into Samepage with the OLD email (the email address you want to change). Click Gear icon -> User Settings.

2. Select "Change notifications settings." Make sure the email address you use to log in and receive notifications are the same. If the emails match, go to Part 2.

    3. If they are not the same, select Change. Enter the OLD email address in the field "Email address for notifications."


    Part 2: Invite the NEW email to join

    1. Send an invitation to the NEW email address. (See the Help article instructions on Inviting Users)

    2. Go to your email and accept the invitation.

    (If you get a message saying you are logged in with the OLD email, then click the "Log off the user and continue registering" option), enter a password and click JOIN. You should now be logged in with your NEW email. 


    Part 3: Remove OLD email from organization

    If you are a regular member, you will need to ask your Admin or User Manager to complete Part 3.

    1. Click Gear icon -> People. You should see yourself listed twice - once with the OLD and once with the NEW email.

    2. Select the OLD email. On the right panel, click MANAGE and select the "Remove User" option.

    3. You will see a message to transfer the person's access rights. Make sure that the rights are transferred to your NEW email, then click REMOVE.


    What else should you know?

    • If you are member of more than one organization and would like to log in to those organizations with your NEW email, you will have to repeat this process for each organization.
    • If you are an external member, you will have to ask your Admin or User Manager to invite you with your NEW email and remove your OLD email.

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