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Understanding & Managing Guests

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Free and Pro accounts can have an unlimited number of guests. Guests are typically users outside of the organization, such as clients, contractors, or vendors.

Managing Guests

Admins and User Managers can manage guests by clicking Settings (gear icon) and selecting People. Once on the People screen, select the "Guests" tab.

To add a guest

  1. Click + INVITE PEOPLE
  2. Enter the invitee's email address
  3. Select Guest

To convert a guest to a member

  1. Click the Guest dropdown menu in the Role column
  2. Select Convert to Member

To convert a member to a guest

  1. Click the Member dropdown menu in the Role column
  2. Select Convert to Guest

To remove someone from the organization:

  1. Click the 3-dot menu on the right edge of the user's row
  2. Select Remove user


Please note that Guests cannot be invited to your Everyone team. The Everyone team is a place to easily share content and updates with your entire organization. If you need someone to be included in your Everyone team, please consider adding them to your organization as a Member.

Please also keep in mind that all employees in the organization, whether they are invited as members or guests, must consume a user license when the organization is on a Samepage Pro pricing plan.

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