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Setting Out of Office Status

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If you'd like to let your team know that you're out of the office, either traveling for work or pleasure, our Out of Office setting can help you inform your team of your travel details.

Simply open your Settings and select "Out of office status".

Select Out of office status in Settings

Then toggle the switch, optionally write a custom out-of-office message, and close.

Toggle your Out of Office switch and optionally write a custom message

Throughout Samepage, an airplane will show next to your name to let the team know that you're traveling and they should adjust their expectations accordingly.

Others will see an airplane out-of-office indicator next to your name

Your custom out-of-office message will also be displayed anytime a fellow co-worker hovers over your avatar. If the message is longer, it will be abbreviated unless someone hovers over the actual message.

Others will see an airplane out-of-office indicator next to your name

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